Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Simple and Easy Flower Arrangement

A dear friend of mine asked me (???!!) to make some flower arrangements for her hubby's 40 th birthday.
I was a bit anxious to take the responsibility but had to do it, she is such a good friend and our families are very close. Could not say "no".
Then I thought of my inspiration when I think of flowers: my very dear and sweet brother-in-law Darrin whose talent and passion has made  his business into the  most charming and beautiful flower shop in Toronto, Terrain Flowers.
So, here it goes, Darrin, hopefully I won't disappoint you:)
 First, I kept myself faithful to my policy of "reuse or repurpose, whenever possible", and ripped off some leaves off my house plant. Three in  each vase, only 8:)
Vases are taped, embellished  and ready for the flowers

 She wanted something more masculine so I used orange , blue and green

 She was pleased  and I was too!
And by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARRIN!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Thank you to Rebecca, from My Girlish Whims and Jody from Rooted in Thyme who featured my Rosette Pin Cushion in their fun party today!!
Be sure to check the other creative features and their fun parties!

Rooted In Thyme
Rooted in Thyme

My Girlish Whims

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I have a question in my mind ........what is wrong with this world?!!?
My neighbour is moving out and put this chair on his from lawn, free, to be given away....needless to say I snapped it in a heart beat, no chance for passers by! 
The most incredible thins is that the chair looks like NEW, not a scratch, not a dent, not a stain, nothing.

Lady chair in her new home Lucky me!

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Starry Closet

I have a hallway closet that is a favourite spot  for Sofia  to play and hide.
Cleaning one of my drawers I found a bag of glowing in the dark stars I had bought at Michael's a while ago and for some reason had been forgotten.

I decided to put them in the closet ceiling, so Sofia and her friends can have some extra fun when hiding there! It helps that is extra dark in there.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mason Jar and Flower Rosette Pin Cushion

Many of you know I  am a sucker for  mason jars ....and know that  love 
pin cushions  and many of you  also know that I looooove making fabric flowers.....

So, put  them all in a pot and something like this appears:
My very cute and sweet  distressed mason jar fabric rosette pincushion!! yay! yipiee!Do you notice how much I enoyed crafting this??

To make one yourself all you need:
A small  mason jar like this one, spray paint, strip of fabric, hot glue gun and half a small foam ball. 
Once more, in my anxiety to have this done, I did it at night in my basement and took no photos.
Anyways, the easy and straight forward process is in here
I picked this colours as they go with  my craft room perfectly
Then, I made a big rosette, big enough to cover the foam ball (half cut) and the jar lid. The pins here are just the way I roll my rosettes sometimes. I will  post about this way way to roll them soon!!
I glued the ball to the lid
Attached the rosette  to the ball

Ohhhhhh, sweet!

Somehow it makes me giggly...

I will craft many more to put in my shop and flood the craft fairs this summer with them!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Good Morning!
we went out of power this morning but thankfully it is back so I can post this:

My Craft Room embroidery hoop was featured in two sweet blogs!!!

Rachel, from Adventures of a DIY Mom featured it on her very Terrific Tuesdays .

Rebecca, from My Girlish Whims featured it on her ....Whims Wednesday!

Thank you, girls!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Lamp transformation: from FAIL to FABULOUS

This transformation had two stages. Not planned tough.
Keep tuned.
I found this amazing Mason jar at the thrift store, already  like THIS, can you believe it????


Oh yeah, oh yeah , oh yeah, big plans for this one I thought ...and snapped it.
And becaus , how can I say, I LOVE to paint and distress my mason jars , next step was easy.
Old Shade...pretty, but not cute:)

Inspired by my previous scrap fabric project , I stripped, spray painted and tied scrap fabric to the old shade. I love this more than sweet result:

ohhhh, cute , uh?
"CATAPLOFT"! A big FAIL!!!....you know why?
For some reason ( excitement? eagerness? rush? anxiety?I am nuts? I am old? I am getting old?) I did not try the lamp switch before buying/painting, so I soon found out a very important detail: the lamp wouldn't switch off......OUCH!
 Ok, Andrea, F-A-I-L!! Should I go back to the old lamp? This sad brushed metal one? 
No! Spray paint alert went off in my spray paint oriented  brain:
 I usually paint the undercoat in black in order to distress with the black underneath , but I was out of black spray paint so I used red paint ( excitement? eagerness? rush? anxiety? ) 

 I think they will go well together, what do you think?
 I like how the red shows underneath.!

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