Friday, November 29, 2013

Thrifty Rainbow Loom "machine"

New hit for the  season: Rainbow Looms accessories. Sofia was hit. Sofia wanted one.
Mom did not want to pay 20 bucks for one.
Mom brainstormed. A visit to the basement and some moniets later my gil had her Rainbow Loom Factory , as she named, ready to mass production.

Some dollar store containers for storage. It works perfectly and I guess easier than the real thing haha.
And more good news: Dollar store elastic works as well as the pricey ones at Michaels. 
 Another good day, I mean, thrifty day in the B household:)

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Giving dollar store nuctcrackers a vintage look

I love nutcrackers. This year I decided to give them a new/vintage look, as I did not want them looking "new" and shiny. I bought cheap ones at Dollarama for one dollar each.
Used my beloved spray paint and lots of sanding.

Aren't they lovely? looking very old...:)

Scratches, imperfections, chipped patina, I like you:)
Sanding or no sanding...sanding !!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Revamping Thrifted Christmas Decorations


It is snowing here and believe me, it feels like Christmas, so I just turned my Christmas mode "on". I love it!
In terms of decor, I have enough pieces I think, and I feel I do nod need to buy anything new. I have a very particular taste, anyways, and it is not easy to find what I really love.
An easy and cheap way to get things my way is to buy thrift ( thrift store or dollar store) items and give them another look.

And because I have an accent wall painted in a deep chocolate brown, I love to use white decor items against it.

With this in mind, I looked for and found some items in the thrift store for pennies that  I   thought I could transform with spray paint.
I did not paint the little nutcracker as it has a nice vintage look to it already.
But the rest of the bunch…...

Some distressing
A lot of distressing…. This guy came from the dollar store, $1.50 and I wanted  it with a vintage look, note the "made in China" look. ( I will make a post specifically for this transformation)
I found this rain deer atth thrift store for pennies too. It was ahold colour that did not speak to me:)
After two coats of white spray paint we are speaking the same language !
At the same thrift store I found these bells for 99 cents. A perfect match.
It looks beautiful against the dark wall. My first Christmas decor of this year!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My First Knitting Project ..finished!

It has been ages since I last posted here, and for this  I am so sorry.
My hubby went away for 10 days, I got so, so busy and also consumed  by/ with my new craft/hobby   (which I will show you here!)..knitting!
I just started and I am hooked it!
Just finished my first project and have many more in store :)
As with all of my projects, I first make something for Sofia.
My baby and her homemade cowl/neck warmer

So I decided to make an easy neck warmer and hair bow. To keep it at home :)

 Because ahem, I still did not learn how to make button holes I sewed the buttons with yarn.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013