Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ballerina Thank You Card

Last week was my daughter's last ballet class for the season. We (me and the other 2 mom's ) bought a little gift for her and I  decided to make a "Thank You" card that would be cute and theme related, as I could not find any out there with a ballerina theme.

I used cupcake liners as the ballerina tutu, cut the body out of pink card stock, and attached the initial of each little girl to the paper leotard. Also used white scrapbook card stock for the card body. So easy, seriously, it took me 15 minutes or less and the final result was sweet! 

I made the corners round with a corner punch

Fold the liner in half

Draw and cut a simple leotard out of card stock
well,some embellishments to give it a feminine touch

The little ballerinas initials...and ready to go! To  Miss S, the wonderful ballet teacher she has!!

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  1. Garota!!!!

    O niver de 2 anos dela vai ser com o tema "Angelina Ballerina"!!!
    É claro que vou roubar sua idéia e fazer os convites desse jeito.Achei tão lindo e fácil!!!!
    Qdo vc vier , me empresta esse treco de fazer"corner?
    vou fazer a saia com forminha de cupcake(eu quero maior). o que vc acha???

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