Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Charming bench/storage from old coffee table

Sorry, sorry..sorry!! I know I have been away too long, but boy I have been so busy. Summer activities, cleaning, farmer's market, gardening and painting has taken a toll in my posting here. And mind you, taking photos of all this to post in here kinda defeats the purpose of speedy accomplishments for the season, uh?
I have been busy revamping some old pieces of furniture I bought during the winter and now with good weather I just put all of them outside and put my elbows to work..yes, lots of elbow grease necessary:)
The first one is finally  finished and I am in love you  all!
Isn't it gorgeous?
It was a rather ugly thing when I bought from Kijiji for $ 30 bucks, don't ya think??

What I used:

1. My left over Behr Swiss Coffee (my favourite shade of white !)
2. Sandpaper #80, 120
3. Kilz primer -Spray...THE BEST!
4. Polyacrilic finishing
5. Black craft paint and glazing medium

After sanding, priming and giving the piece 2 coats of paint I started my favourite part: distressing and glazing. First step, sanding the edges. One detail: the top part is /was nasty laminate but not to worry. Did not sand , only primed with "gusto".
Second, glazing with my mixture of black craft paint and glazing medium.
Here, before and after.
 Door ready!

 They were made to be distressed and glazed, uh?
 I also spray painted the hardware with Krylon Spray Paint .
 I could not believe when I found these square baskets at my grocery store! Almost custom made! I am lucky !!
Added pillows from Winners securely tied to the back and my bench/storage piece for the sunroom/playroom is where it belongs.

August 12: UPDATED today to ....window seat...just lovely:)

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Just a happy quick note to say that my Teddy Bear Doctor's Kit has been featured at Huckleberry Love....YAY!!

Thank you, Lydia!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Teddy Bear Thrifty Doctor's Kit

I noticed a while ago that Sofia loves to play doctor with her teddies and dolls , and biy she can make it look very realistic. To make it even more fun to her I decided to make her a kit, but on the cheap, which is fun for me !
I bought these supplies at the dollar store for pennies:

Used some felt I had
Felt + Velcro = Handy band aid
A sick teddy surely will need to fill some prescription for pills
Baby wipes + felt = First Aid case
She specifically wanted a cast . Here it is.
Ah, and blood, yes, cuz teddy gets cuts and scratches quite often.

 Poor teddy :(. But he is lucky and has a good and caring doctor.
 The doctor is in the house!
And  teddy is a very good patient as well!

I love the doctor!
Kitty also got some scratches during a cat fight(!) and needed help. O made a different band aid, that attaches directly to his fur:)
Hang in there, kitty!

She is accepting new patients!!

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Huckleberry Love

Fabric Flower Ceramic Mini Vases

I finished these easy little vases for my shop and craft fair and love the way they turned out.
Cheap ceramic vases from dollar store, painted and distressed slightly
Some lace

These handmade tags were made with customs stamp with my logo from Etsy and a paper punch. I like them:)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Celebrating 4th of July with friends!

Hi! Yesterday we had so much fun celebrating here in Canada, 4th of July with American friends.
I had so much fun making these red + white+  blue treats!
For the cake I used the same recipe  that I used for  this rainbow cake and it worked again:)

And it was yummy:)

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