Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Summer hat into Spring/Easter bonnet

I was looking for an Easter bonnet for my DD but didn't want to go looking for one,pure "shopping laziness " I guess...

After looking in her stuff I found this summer hat that she never enjoyed that much as it was a bit floppy. I realized that if I turned the front ( where the button is) to the back and used it in a more upright way it would be a perfect....bonnet!

Needless to say she loved it! (these pics are from last eater, when I still did not have this blog)
Take a summer hat...

Turn it sideways...and turn the front into the back part...can you see it already? YES!!!

But it needed some" embellishment, so I stitched a cute lacy border , put some ribbon it ( to keep it from flying away) and as always, why not a cute flower? For the flower just get a piece of ribbon, make loose stitches on the bottom lengthwise, pull it to ruffle , secure with a knot, wrap it in a flower shape, stitch all the layers together and you have a ruffle flower!

How to: ( I made another one for illustration, as the pink one was already made)

Some lace...

And here she is!! my model feeling very happy!

She wore a bonnet...with a ribbon on it..I loove this song ( Galway shawl) , doesn't it remind you of it?
And...Isn't it ( and she) adorable?

This tutorial has been lined to this wonderful craft site  All Free Holiday Crafts. You can see it here.

Take a peek  there and enjoy the whole site! I am sure you will love it as much as I did!



  1. How inventive is this? I've not seen this done before. My granddaughter who is now 8 always had a bonnet on as a baby. I used to take her to the store and people would stop me and say they thought she was a doll.

  2. That is so cute, what an imagination you have. She looks adorable in her Easter Bonnet.