Friday, February 17, 2012

Beautifying Foam Mannequins-Reloaded !

After publishing this post, Ann, from Make the Best of Things  gave the idea of using old book pages and I knew that this was a great idea! I had this old sheet  music book and bingo, it is perfect!

 I tore up the pages into small pieces.

I love it!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

HAPPY VALENTINES !! Cards with a message


This year I made simple small candy packages for Sofia's little friends from church and from ballet.
I went very simple this year, did not have anything "handmade"  and bought some cards from Dayspring. I am very happy that they have an uplifting Christian message and they are so cute!!

Sofia was so proud to write her name by herself in all of the cards!

Beautifying Foam Mannequins

A while ago I bought these foam mannequins at the thrift store for 2.99 each and had big plans for them, let's say to "beautify" them.
I used jute yarn and hot glue for one  and a flowery napkin and modpodge

The whole process is  straightforward, vey easy,  just time consuming
 I will use them to showcase  some stuff at my Etsy store. It certainly looks different, uh?
 Next , I got this beautiful napping and some modpodge

 Here they are, I think that they do not look so cheap anymore, what do you think, girls??

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter fun

As soon as we cam back from our trip to my sunny Rio, Sofia forgot all her "sunny beaches" nostalgia ( I am still to forget it sniff sniff) and dove right into the winter mood, and I am so proud of her!
She is so happy and knows how to make most of all seasons!!!

 My angel

She said she was the "Christ the Redeemer Statue" from Rio....