Monday, June 17, 2013

To all of you glasses users!

Like a lot of people, I wear glasses. I have been wearing glasses since I was 12, but I am not 12 anymore. Now I need bifocals. And when you need bifocals, things can get pricey, fast. Coincidentally, I was watching a show on TV recently about how ridiculously expensive eyeglasses are...when you buy glasses them in a regular store. But good news! The online market for eyeglasses (a market including 75% of the adult population in North America, according to the Vision Council of America) is booming. And it offers  online glasses at very reasonable prices, excellent quality and great customer service.

So, I decided to give it a try. I found that GlassesUSA has  a very neat feature that offers us a way to "try" on the glasses onlineCheck this "mirror" out. Very smart!

If you are also intrigued by this online alternative, be sure to check Glasses USA and take 10% off any order of prescription glasses!

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Soon I will post my new face with my new glasses here, keep tuned!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pink and Grey Baby Shower

As I mentioned here, a friend of mine asked me to make the decor for the baby shower of a sister in Christ from our church.
In 3 days, I put together a simple but very cute decoration, I think:)
Not very expensive, I tried to use things that I already had around the house, from Sofia's bedroom and from my craft materials,  or I bought things at my local thrift store and dollar store.
I decided to use a colour combo is , in my opinion very feminine, modern and chic.
Pink & Grey.

You can find the tutorials/details of the preparation here:

Now to let's party!

 Again, I made diaper babies and attached fun info about both mommy and daddy-to-be, that she read during the party. FUNNY!

In the frame, one of my favourite Bible verses: 
Psalm 139:13-14 
"For you created my inmost being; you knit together in my mother's womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."

I put together  a tray with girly stuff , proper foam  baby girl!
You can check how I made the flower ball and mini wreath here.
I used a frame that  I had made for my craft show and added cute touches as a mug and a faux pearl necklace and a doll, all "stolen" from Sofia's room :) 
I wrapped old boxes in pink paper and used grey dollar store ribbon  and doilies and they brought a bigger scale to the decor.
For the water bottles I used grey paper, again, dollar store paper doilies and plastic pompoms, also, from dollar store. Hey, they were gorgeous, and were perfect as the centre piece.

 This cute vase is made with dollar store terra cota vases, paper streamer, foam balls and paper doilies. Check them out here.

I love this game another girl organized:
Each one of the guest got a diaper and a sharpie pen to write a message, any message, for the mom when she is all lone at 3:00 am changing diapers in teh baby girl:)
I misquoted a Bible verse on purpose, like it was in the card I gave to the mom-to-be, I thought it was too funny.

I Corinthians 15:51
"We will not all sleep, but we all be changed"

God bless this new life who is being knitted by Him!

Diaper Wreath- Pink one this time!

For the Baby Shower,  I also decided to make a diaper wreath. I had made one for another baby shower a while ago and it had turned out so cute, I decided this was in:)
This time I ted a wreath wire shape I had at home and bought .99 cents newborn diapers ( not used!) at the thrift store...LOVE THIS! :)
The little baby girl things came from dollar store . Attach with hot glue. Done!
Check how the wreath is made here and the baby shower here.

Cheap and Cute and Easy and Quick and adorable Baby Shower Banner!

Another detail of the Baby shower :
Cheap banner with dollar store paper plates.
All you need is ribbon and a punch.

Your banner is ready!
Be sure to check the whole decor  of this Pink & Grey baby shower here!

Pink Party Streamer Flower Vases

I decided to make cute foam ball vases for the baby shower and I am happy how they turned out. Again, not expensive to make, very easy. The only time consuming part is to roll the paper rosettes and glue them to the ball. But it was worthy. I love them so much that I am thinking of start making them for my Etsy Shop and Craft Fair booth.


Foam Ball (1)
Terracota Vase  (2)
Streamers (2)
Black, light pink and white paint ( craft or spray)
Hot glue gun

First, I painted the vases with one coat of black paint, two coats of light pink paint and  two coats of white paint. Used the sandpaper to distress and reveal the layers. 
Then I started making rosettes ( this takes an awful lot of time, girls, but it is worthy:) with the streamer, attach them with the hot glue to the ball that is cut in half.

My original idea was to use green felt for the leaves , but did not  find them among my things. And I needed things done fast . I glanced over the table and I saw the doily  I had bought for another decor pice I planned to make for the (water bottles and fake gift boxes). They were perfect!
Glued them with the hot glue and that was it.
Just used the hot glue to attach the ball to the doily.

How girly!
It turned out better that I envisioned!
Be sure to check the whole decor  of this Pink & Grey baby shower here!

Linking up to:

Pink and Grey Baby Shower: Easy Mini Wreath and Flower Ball

A sweet girl in my church is going to have a baby girl and another friend was responsible for hosting the baby shower at her house. She asked me to make the decor and of course I said "YES!", I love doing this for my sisters in Christ! :)

Detail: she gave me a 3 days notice, so immediately I started brainstorming and searching through my house for things that I could use. 
First thing I found was a cheap foam wreath I had bought at the  thrift store a while ago.
This was my starting point. 
Right away, I thought of a colour combo I love and I was sure the mom-to-be would love too.
Pink & Grey.
So sorry that I do not have photos of the whole process ( I love posting tutorials!), because  due to the short time I had to prepare, I worked at night, in a certain rush and kinda neglected taking photos of the "between". Please forgive me.
But both the the wreath  and the flower ball are pretty easy and  quick to make.
Ribbon, foam wreath (small) and hot glue gun.
The pink ribbon was wrapped around the foam shape.

Th shinny gorgeous grey ribbon is from Dolarama 2 bucks for a huge spool!
I made my favourite no fuss multi layer bows and voila, ready!
The flower ball was easy too. I used my Cricut  ( "Sweet Treats") to cut tiny little flowers and with pins I pinned them to the dollar store ball....done! 

I love this combo!
Be sure to check the whole decor  of this Pink & Grey baby shower here!