Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Masons.....Featured at Emmaline Bride!


It may looks like  old news, but because I hadn't blogged for a long time, only now I am noticing all these Featured"  posts from y blog!

So cool!

Featured...at "Top 10"!


I just found out that my "Nina" ruffled headband from was featured here!! 


How cool is that???:)

Monday, September 19, 2016

From Hot Plate Coaster to Needle Case in 2 steps !

I saw these colorful hot plate coasters at the dollar store and  I immediately knew that I would not be using it as a coaster:)

All it took was:

- One button
- Piece of Felt
- Sewing machine or hand stitching

For....a very useful Needle Case!!

Coaster to needle case : just one button needed!

Revamping cheap wooden beads


A simple touch of paint can add life to anything, uh?
Here a simple tip  for funky jewelry makers:
Take those ugly wooden beads from dolar store and give them some patina with acrilic paint and glaze!

Ialso used woodn shower curtaion rings  ..will make snazzy necklace!

 Very Fall, what do you think?

Thursday, September 8, 2016

"Sophie's Garden": A Girlie Baby Shower


Before coming back to blogging (love it!) after a long time away, I had  never stopped making/doing/cutting/painting stuff lol.

This is another baby shower I put together for a dear friend in 2014.
Disclaimer: VERY...VERY...VERY girly :)
Welcome to "Sophie's Garden"
Banner: paper dollies and strips of fabric
Napkin onesies
A very peeeeeenk table :)
Mason jar keepsakes

 My popular "diaper babies" and here too:)

 Envelopes with  beautiful paper where guests left a letter to be read to baby Sophie when she grows up

Tutu water !

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Make Up Case from Lays/Chips Container


I love making things that will be unique for me and I can use in practical ways. And Ilove recycling :)
So this project is one of them:
A make up/pencil case made with Pringles container and left over fabric from this project 


- One Lays/Chips container
-Fabric (thicker are better)
- Zipper
-Hot glue gun

Hot glue....

Hot glue...



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