Friday, October 28, 2016


This Christmas fun card I made 5 years ago still inspires fun crafters!

She had a ball, no child harmed  during the shooting of this card:)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

From Plastic Slinky to Modern Pumpkin

Hi! I was, at the messy playroom trying to tidy up and getting stuff that Sofia doesn't play with any longer.
I was about to throw this silly slinky in the trash can with gusto,but when I looked at it again, I saw a pumpkin! haha , yes, I did!

 Glue slinky..Spray paint slinky...
 Showcase slinky..ops.,I mean, pumpkin!
A somewhat modern looking ex-slinky pumpkin!



Thanks so much to the Dedicated House for featuring Sofia's Doll Dress!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

5-min Doll Dress from Sweater Sleeve

This one is an awesome idea and I can't take credit for was all my creative girl's idea, and execution!
So proud of my 9 year young crafter!
I recycle  old wool sweater into hats ( to be posted) and one day she asked me for one sleeve. 
I gave her and she came up with this:
...drum roll....
A beautiful and thrifty dress for her Kit Kitridge AG!
Fold sleeve in half
Cut the little tiny holes
Can you see?hehe

She also crafted a snazzy belt:)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fun Stickman Halloween Costume


Keeping up with our tradition of handmade costumes (here, here , here, here ) , this was last year's Halloween costume, fun and simple and cheap.
I was not blogging last year, so here it goes.

Stick man: Day and night version....

 For school: Black electrical tape + white shirt + white leggings

Glow in the dark sticks +Black hoodie +black pants

LOL, stickman walking...itwas hilatious as she walked trick or treating 

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Friday, October 7, 2016


I love bags, I love leather, I love Coach bags and I love thrifting!
Today all of these came togehter, thanks to  a friend's tip :)

Found this at my Value Village...

$6.99!!!!!! someone pinch me!!

Mini Bottle Lid Containers

Hi !!

STOP now!!!!! Never again throw your plastic bottons tops away and you will forever have mini practical  space-savers DIY containers you can use for :

- Sleepovers
-Short trips
-Night out

Here is how to:

 You will need two bottles
 Cut the top of one and get the lid form the other as well

 Hot glue
Glue the other lid on the bottom
Embellish with Sharpie goodness

 My headache pills...

 It fits a lot of cream, shampoo, conditioner, pills , whatever!

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