Friday, May 8, 2020

Recycling an old phone case

Hi Everyone!!
A simple recycling craft !
A thrifted cell phone case + cheap felt + hot glue ======> "new" needle case  



Monday, May 4, 2020

Bible Covering - I like to be different :o)

Hi Everyone!
Disclaimer: This is not a "new" craft, but I made it during the ( long ) period I was not blogging due to busy life :)
Isolation times allowed me to blog again :).......

I have always putting my personal touch in everything I own, being clothes, accessories, home decor etc. I repaint ,refinish , undo seams do it again, etc.
Not different with my Bibles. I have lots of them, but I have two special ones which I use all the time My ESV Journaling Bible, and because  it us all written , marked, with drawings etc, it is of course very personal and looks like me:). The other one that I love and use daily, it is an ESV Large Print which I have had for  the last 7 years . I love specially the large print ( I have a very bad  eye sight).I knew, from the moment I got it, that  I needed to personalize it, but didn't know how.  Two years ago I found a fabric paper at Dollarama  (from all places) and I loved it!
I like that it looks old,"boho", used and colourful :) I love colour!
I'm an ex "hippie":0)

So I just made a cover for my Bible, using just hot glue. It is looking old now, but I like this look more and more, I call it my hippie Bible. :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Cheap way to have unique wall decor

Hi everyone!
I love art and I love unique stuff that we can't find at any other household:) But I am also thrifty, and try to  find ways to have both :) 
One nice way to have unique stuff on your walls is to frame things like nice fabric, old cloths, old linen, etc. But framing them at professional places is usually costly, unfortunately. 
So, one thrift way to do this is what I did here, and keep doing to this day!
All you need is cheap canvas from dollar store and a upholstery staple.

Cute little bag I found at Vallue Village and cut up. ( It was once used in this household as a vase cover!  here)

Old coffee sac my husband brought from Guatemala

Old canvas my husband bought in Guatemala but never framed , and I found in our basement !

Friday, April 24, 2020

Up cycling a thrift store painting

Hi Everyone!

For those we follow my blog and craft adventures over the years, you know I LOVE chalkboard paint and using it in the most diverse way possible. These are a few I have done before, here, here, here, here  , here , and here :)

I had this huge painting , not original of course, ( the base was wooden board) I had got a while ago from Vallue Village, tried to funky it up with oil pen and it was a faaaaaaail! lol 
So it had been  getting dust in my basement ever since. Now that I am blogging again I decided to make something so I made this Bible verse frame. I plan to change the verse every week.


Chalkboard paint
Foam brush
Small brush for corners
Sand paper
Spray paint 

I spray painted the frame and the painting itself, then used the chalkboard paint with the foam roller

Sanded for a distressed look
Picked this week's verse
And ready!


Monday, April 20, 2020

Bible Journaling

Hi Everyone!

As I mentioned in my first post here after 3 years ( wow!), it has been a long tome since I haven't blogged, and I also mentioned that I was being kept busy :) Well, apart from being a mom, wife, working and my craft markets with my little business, the best thing that has kept me a bit away from blogging and crafts in general,  has been digging into God's word. The Holy Spirit has been working in me  for a while now, and has giving me a never ending love for God's word and for knowing Him more and more. Despite being a Christian for more than 40 years now , I have never had such a thirst for His wordl ike these last couple of years! And knowing God means to dive in HIS word, that reveals his character, his plans , his will and his love.  
Recently,  I added  a creative way to spend even more time in God's word, together with to reading, doing devotionals, praying  and studying. 
Bible Journalling! 
I use an ESV leather journaling Bible and the more I use it , the more I love it. 
I basically read, write, draw and paint, whichever I feel appropriate .

Things I do:

- When listening to my favorite pastors online ( I LOVE listening to styles and sermons online) I take note of the most important points and write them on my Bible. ( My main sources are John MacArthur, John Piper, Steve Lawson, David Platt, Paul Washer, RC Sproul, Augusts Nicodemus Lopes, Alistair Begg and their ministries)

- I write my Pastor's sermons main points on my Bible
- I highlight :
--------- My favourite verses
----------The most significant verses
----------Verses with an important systematic theology connecting them
----------Because I LOVE the Handel's Messiah I marked all the Libreto verses
---------- Most Important passages 
- I draw and colour in the margins  ( sometimes pages ) with leads, acrylic paint, watercolour you name it
- I do calligraphy lettering ( very very basic, as I don't know how to do it perfectly)
- I write verses of old hymns I love and more contemporary worship songs I also love
- When the amount of things  I need to write let's say a study I watched with so much " solid food" that I want to see in my Bible, I do "tip ins" - pages that I add with glue and voila! space to write - these can be fine letter paper, vellum paper, scrapbook paper , whatever!

Here some pages. Some drawing are mine, some are inspired by Pinterest pages. 
 This highlight method is from Coffee and Bible Time channel, I have it glued in my front page, but actually don't use it :(
 I use scrapbook tabs to tab important doctrines and  theologic landmarks 
 Acrylic Paint ( but I still can read, I never cover the words )
 Mod Podge

 Tip ins
Highlighting my favourite Psalms and verses

 Lettering verses on the side

 Marking Dates when the books were written

I hope this blesses you and inspires you to spend more and more time digging into God's word and its never ending riches !