Wednesday, August 24, 2016


So nice to be back to blogging and be featured!!

Check it out!

Sew Can Do fantastic party!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Thrifted Harry Potter Costume

Last June, as it is traditional in her school,my daughter  had a "Harry Potter Day",and she needed a costume..she wanted to be HP, but I was not willing to spend too much for a costume, so I relied on my  trustworthy thrift store :)

In one day  I found:

-Black robe
-Scarf similar enough
- Vest
-Tie similar enough

Glorious final cost = $10
Eyeglasses from daddy..from 1982 lol
Train is departing to Hogwarts!!
So Harry Potter -ish !
She rocked !

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Unconventional use of a wooden frame

Hi! I found this thrifted frame I had painted/distressed a while ago but never knew exactly what to do with it.
Then, looking at this plug in my kitchen I decided to use it in an unconventional way, as it would match  the color scheme perfectly!

What do you think?:)

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Teardrop trailer Shabby Pillow

Over last Summer we got a small teardrop trailer , can't contain my excitement every week we go camping in it, simply love it.
I decided to make some personalized decor item to  decorate it, and what better than a pillow?
I drew , freehanded,  the parts of the trailer ,then I  cut out in different scraps of fabric and it was ready in no time.
For the body , I used denim fabric, thick, dark and sturdy.

So, so cute :)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

What will it BEE? A Beeautiful Baby Shower


As I mentioned in my earlier post, despite being away from the Diaries, I never stopped my  creative adventures:)
A dear friend of mine asked me to prepare her a baby shower for her baby, with the theme "What will it be" as she didn't want to know th ebaby gender before the birth. it is"What it will BEE"?

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sad Chairs revamping


A friend of mine gave me thse 2 old chairs for free. I loved them from the start because of their small size, clean lines and solid wood frame.
But, c'mon, they were too drab, too stuck in the 80's, too "dental office" ..too sad!

Solution: Get some happy fabric and refinish these sweeties.

I got this tropical (so me!!) fabric at my local fabric shop on sale and it took me 10 min to finish this first  part of this beautification.

How sad...:(

Always start stapling from the middle, pulling the fabric really tight, working you way out.
 Be patient when making the corners, it will pay off !
I decided to remove the back cushion, as it looks not so heavy and formal. 
Now to the second part: I need to decide what colour to use to refinish the wood. Suggestions are welcome!

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Up cycled sweater scrap-pin cushion


Here a simple use for those scraps of this case, a small piece of an old sweater I had up cycled to a hat (check post!)

All you need:

Small mason jar
Hot glue  gun
Small foam ball
Scrap of old sweater

Cut the foam ball in half, cut a piece of fabric to fit,hot glue on the base of lid and voila,ready!