Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An Easy DIY Embroidery Tin

Now that I decided that embroidery is  one of my favourite crafts to play with, along  came a DIY mini embroidery kit:
A secret, gals: every time I go to the thrift store I search for these tins, as they are sold for pennies ( usually $.39 or $.49 cents)  and are always useful for something, love them!
So, with my tin i had and all my material:

I used hot glue to attach the felt and the wide elastic  to the tin

A little spray paint + sanding doesn't hurt at all, uh?
A embroidery tin is ready and it's been very used lately this little thing!
A thing that pleases me about it: it looks like something my dear grandma would have had or used, and that is a sweet thought to me!

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My Organized 2013 Planner

Just an easy and quick  way to organize my planner:
Tags fromMartha Stewart Office line

And I got myself a pretty neat planner !

On a snowy day....

On a cold day like this....
All a little girl can do ...

..is to sit and have fun ...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My latest thrifted treasures

I haven't posted here all my thrifted treasures I have found recently, so here they go!

Can you believe that I found 3 perfectly new drum shades at the thrift store for 3 dollars each? I gasped in shock when I saw them, and did not have enough hands to carry them all before someone would snatch them - so I did it before! ( haha I did not have a shopping kart, so ladies, picture the scene!)
One for my bedroom, one for the hall way one for the living room)

THIS gorgeous Gucci (??!!) pashmina was in the Bed & Home section hahahahaha
I think they thought it was stable runner haha
$3.99 gals!!
And I LOVE IT, it is so soft and chic!
Gorgeous indian carved box for $2.99...ahhhhh

THIS: whatever it is , is beautiful, fits perfectly above the piano, it is already antiqued (!!) AND it costed $2.99!

Because of my "tropical" roots I have the "pineapple" theme and crush going on in my house...
THis is not a pineapple "per se" , but it looks like a "modern art" one hahaha
$3.99 and lovely!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Baby Bell Cheese Faces

Yesterday at coffee break at church I saw one of the cutest and more creative things I have seen done with food in a loooong time:
A very special and  talented lady  in my church, Annabelle, brought these yummy cheesy cutsie faces..what can one say? we were all "awww", and nobody wanted to east them really , so cute they were!
 Baby bell cheese faces..can't get cuter than this!
For  the tiny details, she used a food colouring pen she found at Michaels. Handy, uh?
Thanks Annabelle! She is such a good lady, she authorized me to post this here, lucky me:)

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let's Get Social Sunday Linky Party!

I am soooo excited for hosting my first party ever!!!
How cool is this?
Thanks to Jamie that gives this awesome chance to take part in  the party!

Welcome to Let's Get Social Sunday!

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(2) Grab our button and share it on your blog

(3) Let us know if you followed in the comments, so we can return the follows!

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*Just a note - If you would like to co-host, we are accepting spots in the future for co-hosts. Please, email Evelyn or Jamie and we will send you the information on scheduling. :)

Let's Get Social Sunday
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

My lucky day: Thrifted Dresser

What do you do when you find THIS on Kijiji for 60 bucks?
you run, you run fast to get it asap,  as I did!! 
I can not believe how gorgeous this piece is, real wood, from the 70's, and a creamy colour that even I, the lover and worshiper  of spray paint and all related pigment devices would not touch! 
At least for now:) wink wink
It gives a nice break to my bedroom, as my furniture is all dark and it feels very "heavy" sometimes.

Can you believe these feet?