Thursday, August 18, 2011

No sew T-shirt scarf necklaces

I saw this on Pinterest and  ran to my dresser to get my "stay at home" stained very old T shirts  to make them!!
My oldies...
I Cut the stripes one inch wide
Cut the seams off the ones you want to braid
wow, how they grow!
Here they are all stretched and ready to assemble
I braided some...

I Assembled the ones you didn't  cut on top of each other, to form my pattern

Afterwards, I arranged the braided ones the way I wanted

I cut a small rectangle out of the t shirts, folded and arranged it underneath the bunch, to cover the edges

with fabric glue I glued the scrap, for a better finish

Oh well, not at all happy with the back part, could be better, but the next ones I will use less glue or simply hand stitch.
I like them anyways and they look gorgeous on my neck, AND keep me warm too, perfect for a barbecue at the beach when can get chilly after a beautiful hot day ..

And now..the best with the left overs!!!

The was looking at me..asking..."what do I look like" ? Let me see...
Cut me in half...
Hummmm....I see...

How cute!!!
Mom, I love it!

Running with Glitter

The Girl Creative


  1. That was amazing. I love those necklaces. I think I will make one tonight. Thanks

  2. Hi , Anonymous friend! Thanks!!! it os very easy!!
    Now I want to know your name to thank you!!

  3. I love this idea especially because it is no sew as I am in the market for a sewing machine. I'm definitely going to make one. Thanks for sharing!

  4. lololololol, I just made a bunch of tee-shirt necklaces and bracelets. I made some like yours too.
    You know where you put the rectangle cover up thingy? Make a rosette and glue it on top.

    If you want more inspirations give me a holler. WARNING:There won't be an uncut tee shirt left in your house, lol.

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