Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ribbon Spider Hair Accessory

Last minute halloween craft, girls:
Being inspired by the cute pumpkin clip I totally copied, yes, copied,  from a little girl I saw at Sofia's school, I got totally inspired to create something out of the blue, or better, black!...and so came to life this 8 legged cutie:
A ribbon spider hair accessory for Sofia to use tomorrow:!

- Black grosgrain ribbon
-Wooden dowel
-Black plastic button
-Wooden clothespin
-Googly eyes
-Hot glue

make a "corker" ribbon as in here 

8 legs to a not so scary black spider...
Hot glue + Elastic

Black cuteness!

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Ribbon Pumpkins Hair Clips

Start point: The other day, one of Sofia's little friends at school was using this very cute orange hairclip.  When I took a closer look I had to smile...it was a ribbon pumpkin!
Right there I knew I could, I knew  I would make one for Sofia!
Off to Walmart to buy my supplies:

Orange and Green grosgrain ribbon.

Total price: 4 dollars
I tried to figure out how it was made after seeing it only once, but I think it is very much straight forward and simple:
I cute one piece of the orange ribbon measuring 24 inches
Rolled it around 2 fingers
 Opened the ribbon 
 Then I cut a 31/2 inch piece of the green ribbon
With hot glue I attached it to the (cute) pumpkin 
 The original clip did not have this part, but I decided to give it a shot:
I used: a wooden dowel ( I encircled the ribbon as above), 2 wooden clothespins and my oven at 350 F for 20 minutes. 

 Hot glue.

Hot glue again to attach it to the barrette 

I made another one a bit different, this time instead of attaching it with the spiral on top, I left it on the bottom 

 orange + green cuteness!
Little pumpkin love:)

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Super Quick Girl's Sneaker Embellishing

Super easy, super cheap, super quick!

aaaaaand very girly!

My Last Year's Christmas Tree

My dear sister in law and us are thinking of trading trees....she NEEDS to see mine to close the deal, but for some reason my hotmail is not attaching photos today....oh, well..
Here they are, sis!

YOUR NEW Tree :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

"RIO" Halloween Costume

This year me and Sofia had a little fun "momstorm"( brainstorming with mommy about her Halloween costume) and when we got to the final decision we were pleased, as we knew we had made a nice choice. Very very "us". Well, I am from Rio, Sofia loves Brazil AND Rio (the place AND  the movie) so the cute little blue girl birdie Jewel turned out to be  a perfect choice.

Now, after that brainstorm I had to set out to make the thing ! and quick!
All I knew was that my blue bird would be...blue, and have wings, so I went from there.
First, I designed a pattern on paper.
I found this perfect shade of blue fabric ( cotton) at my local fabric store for  $ 2.99 the meter, yay!!
I decided to make pointy feathers out of felt. I think I used 20 + felt rectangles from the dollar store to make those...lots of them,

Afterwards, I laid them down on the cut fabric...pinned and stitched...at first, I used my sewing machine, but this process was very hard to do somehow ( I AM NOT A SEWER!), with all the layers and rows..so, crazy me, I decided to stitch one by one, by hand. Took me "FOREVA", but I got the job done!
Love the tail haha
Now to the front..I bought a T-Shirt at Michael's and used the same felt feathers I had cut beforehand.

But now, I will be honest, no stitches involved. I used my very reliable and loved fabric glue.
Same "feathers" for the socks. This time, I used elastic thread to stitch them.This waythe socks did not loose the elasticity, wink wink:)
The head cover is a sensitive subject around here, as Sofia does  not want to use it :)
She only used for the photos below, oh well...
Anyways, I had this hat I bought at the thrift store last year for the viking costume I made for her, but never used it in the end.
I  used hot glue to attach the feathers (no more felt, got tired of cutting it, haha) I bought real ones at the dollar store. The perfect shade of blue, again!

and OF COURSE, the pink flower ( from thrift store) that "Jewel" uses on her lovely birdie head.
 At this point, while I write this post, I am getting to the realization of how crazy and non sense I am,  but I love it!
Birdie face: Funky plastic eye glasses form Value Village (Savers), tape and black spray paint...Sofia is SURE that I am nuts by now, giggling when she sees it. BUT,  she has a blast with my excitement !lol

I love how she embraces my craziness ! hahaha

Did I tell you that I put monster feet ( Savers/Value Village) on my princess cute feet?
And because Jewel loves Carnival, there sure will be a bling here and there!
THIS is my "Girl from Ipanema", Canadian/birdie version! 
Ready for trick or treat!