Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Special Thank You!

Today I want to say a special Thank You for someone very special  I "met" in this huge "blogsphere".
Since a very long time I have visited her wonderful blog  One Pretty Thing  and there was not a time that I did not like, or did not enjoy going there. I guess this is the feeling most of us crafters/bloggers have as she is truly a sweet girl .


When I started blogging  on march 2011,  one ( pretty) thing  amazed me immediately, and this is  how kind and gentle she is with someone who is just starting, like me, always with encouraging words and her  "wows". I must say this does not happen everywhere out there, mainly for bloggers like me, I mean eager beginners!
You out there that have blogs already know that, but One Pretty Thing is the #1 site in referrals to this small, humble, beginner blog, and  for this, also ( but mostly for her kindness),  I say thanks!! Who doesn't enjoy visitors?? I love them all!
So , again, thanks Rachel for being such a nice person. 
As simple as that. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fun Flower Arrangement

Last saturday I made these for a church luncheon. Well, we brought some of them home to  give them  some love and care as they would feel lonely at church don't you think?

As I had lots of hydrangeas around in beautiful glass vases I decided to do something fun to put in the kitchen and I STOLE,  yes shame on me, I  STOLE this idea from my dear brother in law Darrin who, as I told you in my previous post, is a (wonderful and talented) florist in Toronto.  His version is this Mine is not as beautiful but it make me smile anyways:0)

Grand Theatre Curtain/Puppet Show

Since my daughter had her first ballet recital weeks ago she is mesmerized by the "be on stage" idea and has put cute "performances" for us almost every day. And she gets so excited and feel so important and grown up, y eyes water when I see her so happy!....So I decided  to make it even more fun for her and give her proper stage with curtains and all!

It is a very cheap and easy project:

1. Dollar store table cloths for curtains - I bought mine for 2 bucks each and they even have a scalloped edge just like  a real theatre curtain would have, well, I guess....:0)

2.  An old spring rod I already had at home

3. Her bedroom or my craft room doorway..or any doorway! Wait and see!

4. Ribbon scraps

 Fold a 2 inch from top. Pin it at 1 inch. 

 Sew ...
 Get your rod...put through the opening ( oh my I feel silly with this even sillier intructions..:0)
 Adjust to your doorway...

....Grand Theatre curtain ready!! Announce the special guest performer!!

 ..And enjoy the show!! CLAP CLAP CLAP!

Ah...and it doubles as a puppet theatre as well, for you now, an artist/performer life is not an easy one...:0)


My First "Event"

I was asked to make some flower arrangements for  special lunch we were going to have at out church, a farewell to our  Pastor and his family, who sadly are leaving us to go back to the US snif snif...

I had a budget of course, and 30 arrangements to do, so I hit the local grocery store and  Costco for flowers  and my favourite dollar store for vases.

I was so happy that I found beautiful glass vases  for 2 bucks at Dollarama and was equally lucky that last weekend everybody, read Costco and grocery decided to have a flower sale. All I have to say... yipieeeeeee!!!!

I knew I wanted to use whole lemons as well, but when I got home I realized I did not have enough... so my solution was to cut them in half, which was perfect in the end as it gave the arrangements an extra citric scent that I loved!

I used cream roses, orange lilies, red and peach gerberas , greenery, a green spiky one I do not know the name ( sorry:0(  and lemons cut in half. I use the cut stems of the  flowers for the lemons.
My best compliment came from my dear brother in love who is a wonderful and accomplished florist ( you can check his beautiful store and arrangements  here )....he said I did well, so I am happy!

Here are some shots:

And let me tell you, the scent was sooo nice...I love flowers!

Somewhat Simple

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Craft Site


Hope you all had a wonderful Father's day weekend!
Mine was super, daddy loved his card and his gifts!

I got a little gift too...I received an email from Rachel Bernstein, from a new craft site,  All Fee Holiday Crafts.com, telling  me  that  my Easter Bonnet tutorial had been linked to the site..you can find it here!

Well, you can imagine how thrilled I was..rushed to the site to visit and what a nice surprise..it is a wonderful site full of holiday crafts, "How- To's and much more!
It is packed with crafts for every celebration, occasion, holidays you name it!

You can take a peek here and I am sure you will not regret visiting the place!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's day fingerprint card

When I saw this here, I knew I had to use it somehow and what a better occasion than Father's day?
Well, the making of it it is really easy and straightforward...

I used our index fingers ( mine and my daughter's) instead of the thumb as it looks like to me that the heart shape shows off better. 
I used black card stock and white ink ( stamp) but you can use any colour you wish!
Now I can not wait for sunday to gibe it to my hubby!

On the  back I wrote:
"From your girls: We love you this much... from the top of our heads to the end of our fingertips!:

Somewhat Simple