Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grand Theatre Curtain/Puppet Show

Since my daughter had her first ballet recital weeks ago she is mesmerized by the "be on stage" idea and has put cute "performances" for us almost every day. And she gets so excited and feel so important and grown up, y eyes water when I see her so happy!....So I decided  to make it even more fun for her and give her proper stage with curtains and all!

It is a very cheap and easy project:

1. Dollar store table cloths for curtains - I bought mine for 2 bucks each and they even have a scalloped edge just like  a real theatre curtain would have, well, I guess....:0)

2.  An old spring rod I already had at home

3. Her bedroom or my craft room doorway..or any doorway! Wait and see!

4. Ribbon scraps

 Fold a 2 inch from top. Pin it at 1 inch. 

 Sew ...
 Get your rod...put through the opening ( oh my I feel silly with this even sillier intructions..:0)
 Adjust to your doorway...

....Grand Theatre curtain ready!! Announce the special guest performer!!

 ..And enjoy the show!! CLAP CLAP CLAP!

Ah...and it doubles as a puppet theatre as well, for you now, an artist/performer life is not an easy one...:0)


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