Wednesday, September 26, 2012


My bottle cap  pincushion ring was featured at the Trendy Tree House, how nice is that??


Easy Fall Mantle


Slowly decorating for fall, and glad to say my mantle is ready!
Actually, because the colour scheme I have in my house ( kitchen, living and dinning room) is all in shades of green, orange, brown and red my house kinda feels "fall" all year long .
I love earthy colours, as you can well see....
Inspired by this centre piece from Better Homes and Gardens via Karin Lidbeck's blog I decided to bring this simple arrangement to the mantle. 

Instead of using real white pumpkins, I bought these ceramic ones at Dominium and the twigs at Dollarama. 

Wrap the twigs around, twist and ...ready. 

Love the white against the dark brown wall and the simplicity of it.
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thrifted and Revamped: a shabby piece for a craft fair

I have mentioned before that I am getting ready to (finally) start hitting craft fairs in my area with my handmade accessories. I have a pretty good idea about  the look I want my booth to have...if you thought shabby, vintage, romantic, you are spot on!
I have already thrifted some goodies to help me achieve this look.
Some I will repaint, some I will just distress.  I could not believe my eyes when  I saw this piece below at the thrift store!

Exactly what I was looking for  to display my brooches, clips and bracelets!

PERFECT for good coat of white paint (spray paint) and some distressing (#100).
Actually, I was thinking of glazing the flowers as well, but it turned out so  beautiful with just some sanding that I might just leave it like that.

ONE thing you won't believe...this piece is NOT WOODEN! it is PLASTIC, a very hard one, but boy, nobody on this earth would possibly say that! If fooled me even before I touched it at the store!Now, after very little elbow grease,  it looks just like a gorgeous shabby piece. Never thought plastic could 
take a vintage look so well:)

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Revamping a piece that had seen better days...

I have a ridiculously small space between my bed and an my old fashion hot water radiator in my bedroom. Because of that it is not an easy task to fing a night stand that fits properly in this tiny weeny space. I had been in the look out for a piece that would fit for  a while, when back in july I found this, while doing one of my favourite things...thrifting!

My dear sister in law gave me that "look"when she saw it ." what are you going to do with THIS??! " 
I had my plans....
It was small and narrow enough and had a simplicity that I love, and plus, it was solid wood and it was cheap!!! points points many points in my chart!
Happy to say that after:
1. Sanding
2.Wood Filling
3. Priming - Kilzn oil primer
4. Painting- Martha Stewart Shark Grey
5. Glazing - Walnut Stain 
6. New hardware 
7. Cute basket

... I have a night stand!

I chose grey because I am so much into this colour, it matches my pillows and compliments my lampshade..beautifully,  I think!

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The Real Crafter In The House!!

One of the many joys I have being a mom of a very creative little girl is to see what and how she creates.
Despite the havoc she brings to  my craft space it puts a hige smile on my face every time she says happily:"mom, look what I did"!

Hair clips....gotta love the tape keeping the clip on and the partially chewed ( by her?) paper butterfly!
A true dual citizenship little girl: Canada and Brazil
The necklace she made for my birthday ..tape comes in very handy when making some jewelry, ladies!

And who doesn't love a feminine ring? 
Sweetness overloaded!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bottle Cap Ring Pincushion

I am a strange lady..I have no advanced sewing skills, I am a mediocre sewer (despite having a sewing machine and sewing straight and square things ...I mean, I can only make valances, pillow covers and place mats !)...BUT I have an addiction for making pincushions (check  here, here, here and here ) !!!
Can anyone save me? Well, cope with me, ok? :)
This time I went small and, as always, I tried to recycle something I already  had...Can you see fabric scrap, elastic piece, leftover polyfill and bottle cap  in the same "family"?

ta-dah, cute ring pincushions! 

  Made cupcake cushion a little cushion..cuz it only takes 3 minutes!