Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bottle Cap Ring Pincushion

I am a strange lady..I have no advanced sewing skills, I am a mediocre sewer (despite having a sewing machine and sewing straight and square things ...I mean, I can only make valances, pillow covers and place mats !)...BUT I have an addiction for making pincushions (check  here, here, here and here ) !!!
Can anyone save me? Well, cope with me, ok? :)
This time I went small and, as always, I tried to recycle something I already  had...Can you see fabric scrap, elastic piece, leftover polyfill and bottle cap  in the same "family"?

ta-dah, cute ring pincushions! 

  Made cupcake cushion a little cushion..cuz it only takes 3 minutes!


  1. That is so cute! Heck, I even think your pin heads are pretty, lol! I'm still using cheap old plastic head ones I have been using, from the same package I got 25 years ago!