Saturday, September 15, 2012

Simple No -fuss File Organization

Sofia started Kindergarten and I tried to put together a simple file to help keep me n track with all the paper /activities going around. I can not believe the amount this file alerady has in, and her classes began kinda last week!
A file and some scrapbook paper are a good match...
 Cute and cheap Martha Stewart Office Supplies tags and plastic sheets inside . I organized her school , ballet and music "stuff"

  • Memos
  • Homework
  • Schedules
  • Work ( at school)
  • Music
  • Ballet
And we are ready for the year!


  1. Wow, I'd say you're organized! Me, not so much! Still deciding what to do with her! At least we've decided, Mike and I both, that from 1st grade onward, she is going to be home schooled.

  2. Sue, this helps a lot, feeling on top of my game, no lost sheets or memos uhuuuu!