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My Dresser transformation!! I am jumping here:)

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Thanks Jennifer from Hope Studios blog and all who liked my post "Bathroom reno on a budget" and clicked on it :)

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bathroom "on budget" Reno Reveal

After months renovating our tiny bathroom in the best DIY style ("slow- getting ready- but low - cost), it is time for the big reveal: To be fair, it has been ready for 2 months now, but with the Christmas season, I used up all my time for blogging to post my Christmas crafts/decor etc, and neglected this now last but not least!
For starters, my bathroom reno had one starter point ( my revamped cabinet) and one inspiration (quatrefoil love), posted here :

Here it is the before: (I am sure many people will "like" the before(you won't hut my feelings, that is ok!:), as many of my friends like the colour, but  I was really tired of the dark walls. The space is not big and I often felt claustrophobic in it. A phobia I have: I AM claustrophobic. 

I wanted a space with a "spa" feeling to it AND I wanted my quatrefoil :)
I ordered a stencil from  Designer Stencils in the US and I can't stress enough how pleased I was with the quality of it.
Walls primed 
I picked a soft grey, Martha Stewart "Sharkey Grey". Just lovely.
Now to the stenceling:

It took me A LOT of time, as I had to do it square/square, wait for the paint to completely dry, and then move to the next section mathing the pattern.. ..tell me about pain!!!! but it was worthy every minute.
I used the same paint colour, one layer eggshell and the other, glossy. 
It looks like fancy wallpaper:)
Because it took me FOREVER, I decided to do it only in the cabinet nook, and now I like it as it is, for it is not overwhelming.

Hubby installed the tiles. Plank porcelain tiles from Home Depot. They are gorgeous and were for sale at 66 bucks a box! And because my bathroom is so small it only costed us 250 dollars. 
Dark grey, giving a nice contrast with the wall. And my very dark hair will not be visible in every nook and cranny as before!!! haha ( one of the main reasons I  disliked the previous floor)

My thrifted dresser turned into vanity, I love it! Check the transformation here.
Unfortunately the sink installation was my hubby's role and he did it when I was away!! No photos :(.
But I can say it was not complicated and one can find lots of tutorials on Youtube.
A thrifted candle holder from the thrift store is now my wash clothes holder. Pennies saved. Mission accomplished!

My new "spa" bathroom in a very, very low budget, I am happy!

Old Dresser into Bathroom Vanity

We renovated our tiny bathroom. A real DIY,  we did it all ourselves. It took months, but we did it! ( and I will finally  post it  here, soon!).
I had decided that I wanted this for my bathroom:
An old dresser transformed into sink vanity.
After searching Kijiji for some weeks,  I found a perfect one  for 30 bucks! yay ! 
It was in a very bad shape in terms of painting, but had very good bones, a nice shape, made of solid wood and small - it had to be small as I had a small space to work with.
Someone had tried to paint it ...poor soul...on top of layers of old paint, no priming or sanding apparently. When I started sanding this is what I found: layers of old paint ( white, brown and green!) 
I must say it took me "FOREVA"to  get rid of all the layers and get to the bare wood, but I did it eventually....had to, uh?
Look at this beauty
Now to priming. I necessarily did not to do this, as it was totally sanded, but because it would be going in the bathroom, I wanted the paint to stick real good and forever:). I used the primer I love the most: Kilz, oil primer. It is the king of primers in my opinion. It rocks even in nasty laminate. I used it in this laminate cabinet, and I could not be more pleased! 
I would be sanding the edges for an antique look, so I used good ol' black craft paint in strategic places.

Primed. Now to paint. I used Swiss Coffee by Behr, love this shade of white. It was the same I used on my cabinet, and I kinda wanted them both to match.
I filled the old hardware holes with wood filler and put these gorgeous glass ones, form Home Depot. Pricey, but beautiful. And I had saved sooo much in my cabinet that I gave myself the right to  ..ahem..splurge:)

And here it is, my  bathroom vanity ready for her next adventure! a sink on top! ( keep tuned,wink wink!)



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