Sunday, November 30, 2014

Up cycled fur, Up cycled beauty!


For a year now I have been , no pun intended, hooked by crocheting and knitting. And for some months I have been hooked to upcycling fur. 
I added these pruducts to the fascinators I sell on my Etsy shop and I must say  just ove them.
Just take an old fur coat or stol, rip it off and re use it in all its beauty.

These are my last ones, so tres chic:)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Bridal Fascinators


I have made lots of bridal pieces over the Summer, for my Kokar shop.
They are unique, as I only make one of each, nevr exactaly the same.

 Burlap and fabric…love it!

Cotton Fabric Necklaces

Still trying to catch up the last months,  posting my Summer and Spring crafts, here are some cotton necklaces.
I used stretching cotton and beads. So much fun!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Baby Girl Sweet Baby Shower

Back in August I helped organize a friend's baby shower for her baby girl.
It was really sweet and beautiful.
We had this lady that makes amazing cakes make a perfect girly and elegant cake which was , oh well, the icing on the cake!


 I made my  distresses mason jars for a keepsake
 A cute napkin garland
 My all favourite diaper babies all dressed in pink
 The cake!
 An old table top painetd and distressed and embellished with fabric flowers. Now t sits over the sweet baby's crib

 Envelopes made into a booklet wheer all the guests wrote letters for her to erad when she is a big girl:)
 Very girly! pearls!
 Water bottles with tulle pompoms, so easy and the effect is awesome!

 Ragged strips of scrap fabric made the banner
And here she is, the sweet girl:)

Spider Hair Clips

This year for Halloween a fast craft:

Spider hairclips . Five Minutes.
Hot glue, barretes, a pack of 05 plastic spiders from dolarama


Upcycling with Bling: From Dress to Fancy Party Fascinators


These are one of the favortes at the craft fairs:
Fascinators using upcycled dresses, aren't they so fancy?

Fall love

I love fall, my favourite season of all… I always make time to take some shots of my sweet girl.
Here are some, we had a blast!