Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pinwheel hair clip

This is another very easy hair clip for us crafty moms to make and it shows off so well!

You will need:

- 5/8 in grosgrain Ribbon in your colour preference. I recommend more than one colour/pattern for a more striking AND cute result.
- Hot glue gun/fabric glue
- cute embelishment
-Small piece of felt
- Small foam ball cut in half ( ?!?!?!?!!)
-Needle, thread

1. Cut the ribbon in 20 shorter pieces of approximately 6 inches each. For cuteness , trim the edges as below and singe them in order to prevent fraying , as in here

2. Hold the ribbon in the middle and fold it like this. This s the way you are going to insert it in the needle

3. Using the same foam + needle tool I crafted ( and you can too!) and used here you start inserting the ribbon pieces

4. Do this with each piece of ribbon, alternating the colour/pattern you have. But you have to insert them in a cross pattern, like this:

5. More pieces...crossing...

6. More..

7. More...

8. When you finish inserting all of your pieces of ribbon hold the whole foam + ribbon with one hand, pressing with your thumb on the top next to the needle, so they don't come out.

9. A view from the bottom...

10. Keep on holding the whole thing with one hand and with the other pull the needle + thread until all you have in your hands are the ribbon pieces without the foam

10. Sew through the ribbons 2 or 3 times and on the bottom do a security knot

11. With a hot glue gun or fabric glue attach a felt circle and a hari clip of your preference

12. On the top, for cuteness you can embellish it with whatever you please! In this case I out a cute button , using again the hot glue gun.

Another CUUUTE hair clip!!!!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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