Friday, December 23, 2011

The Simple Diaries are on vacation for a month!

Just a quick note to say that if  you feel that the Diaries are a bit slow, not many new posts, do not worry or abandon me!!
Me and my family  will be on vacation visiting my family for a month and I doubt I will craft anything!
But I will miss you all and will be back in February, ready to write on my dear craft diary again, so see you soon!!

Merry Christmas II

 Back in november when I saw this in Pinterest I knew I knew I knew that I was going to copy this hilarious and funny idea and do out with Sofia.
So this was one of our Christmas photos this year ( well, we had a family "serious" one taken at a photo studio as well, do not worry! haha)
Friends and family are having a blast when they open the envelop or email.

 And no, it does not qualify as  child abuse, girls. She had a blast, giggling and smiling, and I had the tape quite wet before putting on her  mouth so wouldn't hurt a bit when removed. Actually,yikes, at the end of the photo session the poor tape was all mushy and  slippery and "moistened", lovely! hahah


The Shabby Nest

Lovely Crafty Home

Merry Christmas I

I want to wish all you out there, visitors, followers/friends, family, a very blessed Christmas full of the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, who makes all the season and our life make sense!!

Kids Travel Tin Kit

We are going away tomorrow to visit family in Brazil and boy, it is a long journey. So I am putting together for Sofia a "anti-boredom" kit .
One of the items is this: a small tin gift box  with tiny colouring pencils, a small notebook and "math" buttons, as she loves to do her little calculations (" mom, I know how much is 3 + 3!" she loves to say)
I had these buttons so I bought magnets at the dollar store, attached with hot glues and put them in the inside part of the tin. 

Hope it works!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recycled Christmas Wreath

Keeping up with my frugal style ( hubby loves it!), my beautiful fall wreath gave place to my Christmas one. Off went the fall "B" and In came the Winter "B"

Ribbon into cute bow...

I used the hot glue for making the bow, but I used  a small piece of wire to attach the bow itself to the wreath, as I use and reuse this baby all year long.

The Butlers  are ready for Christmas!

My tree at night

I am still trying to learn how to take photos a a lit tree, not there yet, but anyways I love it!
We are ready for Christmas!

Chic and Cheap Christmas Piece

I had this frame for my fall decor and I am happy to say that it has been properly revamped for Christmas ( do not worry, I kept the matt with sticks for next fall, love it!)
I took a cheep ( 2 dollars) dollarstore white wreath wreath and a piece of wired red ribbon.
That was all.
And it looks so chic against the dark background...

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