Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Toilet Paper Rolls Mini-Gift Boxes / Activity Calendar

This year, part from the Advent calendar we do with Sofia, I also had a kind of "activity"Christmas calendar as well. Following my "love"for re-using toilet paper rolls and after seeing THIS at Crissy's Craft blog, I had this idea:

Make little gift boxes out of the rolls and fill them with treats, Scripture passages, crafts to make  and things to do.
Well, needless to say it has being a hit!

Here what I used:
1. Toilet paper rolls (25)
2. Glue, scissors
3. Scrapbook paper or wrapping paper
4. Cut out or printed numbers (1-25)

After the paper are cut to fit the rolls, just glue it to the roll. I could have "mod lodged" the whole think for a more finished look, but I did not bother as I knew they would last just a little while anyway, and would be opened in a rather hurried way by the anxious little hands. Sofia helped me during the whole!

 They sure  look cute already, not a resemblance with toilet rolls, uh?
 I rounded the corners to make it easier to close it. But this is optional, works the other way as well, just harder to close 

 With my Cricut I cut numbers 1-25

 She looks forward to open them and see what is inside:

1. Crafts :

-Make paper snowflakes
-Make ginger bread man
-Write Christmas cards for my family
- Make a tree ornament
-Colour Christmas pictures

2. Good deeds/things to do:
 - Call grandma and sing Jingle Bells
- Take food to food bank
- Save money to Salvation Army bucket
- Go see the Christmas lights in the neighbourhood
- Take silly photos using a Santa hat

3. Bake a birthday cake for baby Jesus
4. Watch a Christmas movie with mommy and daddy
5. Sing Christmas Carols after supper

6. Scriptures on Jesus birth and simple questions as: What would you have given to Jesus as a gift? Would you follow the star like the wiremen and the shepherds?


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  1. Hey Andrea indeed a great blog this one is. It seems it took a lot of time in decorating it so well.
    Reusing things is a great idea. It both directly and indirectly saves a lot of things. The most important thing it saves is our NATURE.
    So, keep it up and keep on saving our world this way. Thank you...