Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rice Play Box

Cleaning the kitchen yesterday I had to face reality...a sad one of my banisters I had a ton of brown rice that I had bought almost 6 months ago in the (faint) hope that I would start eating it, instead devouring  my beloved and cherished and yummy Basmatti white rice....But, hey, I never used poor brown fellow, so I called it quits. Yes, I know it is healthier but it is also..... tasteless!! and hard! and a pain to cook!

I was about to discard it when I decided to make it into a play thing for Sofia...I had done this before when she was younger, with just a cup of white rice, and she loved it. Now I had a ton of rice for that. Her own "rice box". While I was preparing it, with her help of course, , she asked me if  a "rice box" is for girls and a sandbox is for boys...cute...

So...Rice.... ( white would get more colourful But I used what I had)

 Food colouring....a piece of advice...mix with a spoon and wait for it  to dry to start playing...really powerful stuff. And you can add as much colouring as you like...I did not add much, so it could be more colourful maybe..but she liked it anyways..
 Now you have...coloured rice
 Some utensils for the little cook...
 Guaranteed fun!

 Later I decided to do a treasure digging hunt...hide some "treasures"
 Again..guaranteed fun...

 Looking for her little treasures.......very concentrated..
 She is good! 

Pure fun!


  1. I made a rice box for my little ones and they play with it a lot. To make my rice more colorful, I mixed some rubbing alcohol in to coat the rice. I think it helps the color stick...although it does mean that the rice is definitely NOT edible. Found you @ Sew Can Do

  2. I love this! It is too cute!

    Your newest follower,