Monday, July 18, 2011

Diaries Face Lift


I am not sure if many or any or some of you noticed that I changed the overall look of the Diaries. I must say, it feels really good to have done it, and I am so happy and proud of myself...because I did it all by myself , no help from hubby or from any designer,  and, the best part,  I did not ruined my layout page forever and I did not deleted any essential JAVA code!! LOL

You know, I am NOT a tech girl, I am over 40 and not up to  date with every new thing out there. Sometimes I have the clear impression that my 4 year old uses the ipad with more ease than I do!
And I have a tendency of messing up things ( files), but this time I didn't and I can't believe I made it work!!!
It took me the whole day, but voila, i made it through...

I would love to hear from you what do you think and ask for one of the blog looks I used for the weekend did not have the  notebook page as the background, was just plain white, very chic and clean, I think. But today I found this very in tune" with my blog free background here and decided to try.
It is cute but I am not sure if the total white look isn't better than this new one.
SOOOO, if someone out there want to give an honest and unbiased opinion I would love to hear !!!

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