Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fun with beading wire

This week, when at my local craft store, I saw some pink 24 gauge beading wire for sale for 
$ 2.49..humm, inviting......  so, despite never have worked with wire before, I decided to give it a try and have some fun at the same time. I had seen these cute wire nests all over the internet, and I immediately wanted to try making them.
After looking at some of the many tutorials out there, I decided it was time to try. Actually, there is no wrong or right way to do this, I noticed that soon one develops his/her own do not worry :0)

 I gathered:

1.  Glass pearl beads
2. Beading wire - I used approximately 24 inches for the nest
3. Cutting plier

 Start beading at one end and after you have all 3 beads in, bend this end of the wire in order to keep the beads from sliding off
At this point, bend the wire in a circle motion, to have the pearls in this shape below
 After that, just keep encircling the pearls with the wire, always trying to keep a circle shape, as sometimes a triangle shape wants to form least with me :0)

 When you think your nest is full enough, and while you still have wire left, start passing the wire through the loops, in order to keep them together .

 I made there of these "security" points
 Cut the wire at the end, leaving a bit for you to twist and make the hanging part

 In the end,  I actually did not like this hanging part and twisted it to the back of the nest,  I'll show it at the end
I also tried another design using only one bigger pearl
The process is much the same

But "behold", there is more!!! more fun!! and in the cheaper side...:0). My sweet nieces had collected these beautiful sea glasses at the shore and I simply stole ( bad bad aunt Dea) 2 of them, with their authorization, of course:0) ...BUT sniff sniff,  could not steal the aqua ( the one I had my eye on!!) one..the sweeties said NO NO NO! hahahah no problem....still love them-my nieces- to pieces:0)

 Using a smaller piece of wire, I started encircling the glass...not much to explain here, or maybe I dunno how...:0(
I hope the photos are  somehow self- explanatory...

Now with the chains, ready to be used

Next time I will look for the silver wire, as I think it is more neutral.
What do you think?

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