Saturday, July 16, 2011

My preshcooler "address" book

Yesterday, after much insistence from my little girl, I bought her this address book at the thrift store for $ 0.69 cents ....But, what will she do with it apart from drawing, drawing, getting bored and  ripping some pages off the poor little book?

Well, when she sat beside me to do exactly that,  I had this idea: I will show her that all the pages have specific letters for them and that she could copy each letter on the specific page and on the back of the page draw something that starts with that letter. So I did and  she loved the idea! She has  just started her booklet :0)

 DT #1 (drawing translation :0) a tree ( Arvore, in portuguese -yeah, my girly is bilingual:0) and an ant
 DT#2 : a ball and a baby:0)


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