Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Re-purposing Halloween Costume: From Viking to Pocahontas

Sofia had a home made  Viking  costume I made her for Halloween. She loved it so much that we kept it here for her dress up play.
This year, the beloved viking costume suffered a major surgery and it was transformed into a Pocahontas costume, just with a bit of tweaking here and there and very little $.


I cut it up in a diagonal, put a fringe I cut off form an old poncho I had , sewed it on the old costume,  this part was ready!

 Now to the Pocahontas necklace. I made a pattern by looking to a Disney photo of the lovely princess and used a nice silk I have for my shop.

 Glued some velcro and attached a real turquoise stone bead I had.
 The belt was also revamped from the old viking costume.

 The beautiful princess also has these tribal tattoos on her arm. I made them out of satin ribbon:)

 My princess Pocahontas! She even has her pet racoon!

Monday, October 28, 2013

My Latest Thrifted Bargains !!

Once again I found something "verry, verry" good at my beloved thrift store.
 First one, a bit "pricey" , for a thrift store, but hey, not pricey at all for a legit Coach bag , uh?
 It feels so soft, so luxurious and so new! I can almost smell the leather!
Again, my thrift store did not disappoint me!!!
 And last but not least ...
.... just what I was looking for: a new 8x8 CM scrapbook!

Friday, October 18, 2013



My Burlap wreath..again!! YAY!
This time over the sweet blog My Girlish Whims.

Thanks, Rebecca!!



My burlap wreath was featured on the Lovely blog Lovely Crafty Home!

Lovely Crafty Home

Thank you again,  Rachael!!

Monday, October 14, 2013



I am grateful! 
For my family, friends, health, food, shelter, peace, salvation, for good and bad tines, for plenty and for little, thankful in every situation. I am grateful to the One who made us, saved us and loves us uncondictionally.
He never leaves us or forsakes us. 

Fall Burlap Girl's Hair Bow

Burlap + me+ hair = hair bow for Sofia!!

Burlap Runner

Just added some burlap to my table decor...using all of it!!

DIY Chevron Burlap


I wanted a a chevron pattern burlap for my fall wreath, but did not want to buy one . So...spray painting  
to the rescue!

 Leftover burlap, duct tape , scissor and spray paint.
 I tested on a small piece first. It worked!

 Now to the bow..

I love the pop of colour!

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