Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wood beads + leather cord

A 5 minute project..wood beads, a leather chord -that I had already  put the clasp on - and my (sad to say,  but... rapidly aging) neck

A wannabe hippie momma?


I was featured!

Just a quick note to say thanks to Natalie, from the very creative and beautiful blog Johnny in a Dress , that featured my post "Headband Organizer"!
There are amazing other projects over there, so if you are curious ( should be!!) go check it  out here!

A happy wednesday:0)

Water Balloons Barrette

Well, summer is almost over (sniff sniff) and no need for so many water balloons any longer, right?
But  a girl ALWAYS needs one more  hair clip! lol

So grab your balloons....
Your barrette.....
Tie the balloons to it...
Take lots of  pictures because after all there is not much explanation needed and they are oh soooo colourful and cute!

Get your little girl...put the hair clip on its proper place...

She will say: "MOMMY THAT IS SOOO CUTE!"
"Oh, my darling YOU are soo cute!!"

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Running with Glitter

Fabric (glued) Rosette

Sofia has this pillow on her bedroom, but I wanted to revamp it a bit. Because I could sew anything on it ( no-ziper pillow) I used my trusty Fabri-Tac. A strip of baby pink satin to make a rosette, and the project was done.

I sewed by hand ( too lazy (?!) to use the sewing machine, does this make any sense?) with a running stitch to ruffle it

Started attaching it with the fabric glue
Very easy
Beautiful and feminine, as I wanted!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Headband Organizer

When I made this and posted here, I had a question at the end...How could I storage my daughter's headbands? ( now that the wreath solved the bows problem....)
I had some suggestions like Fonda from Southern Scraps  that mentioned to me people were using cans.
So I googled away  (!) and found this , at  Plucky Momo..humm... I knew I had found the solution!
I believe many of you had one of this home, luckily I had!  Add some paper, ribbon and 2 layers of modge pod...
Headbands storage is "in the house"!
And there is space to keep some inside as well!

Perfect! And thanks for the help!

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