Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spray Painted Mirror

Since I decorated my daughter's room I wanted to have a nice mirror on the wall, but the one I wanted ( an oval one with an antique look) was a bit pricey so, I decided to wait, and wait, and wait...I knew someday I would find something at my local thrift stores...and I did! It is made of a hard plastic, but for $9.99 I thought it would work for now.

Well, the shape and details I love, but..ARGH!!!!...I was not at all fond of the gold patina, it  made me shriek crafter tears...

But, as always girls out there, nothing that two good spray paint coats wouldn't  solve...

After two coats of white spray (plastic) paint she now has a beautiful mirror on the wall!
No need for a primer even!

Covered with plastic film

Got the paint
 One coat
Two coats

In place

 Her room...

I want to glaze it with black paint to show the beautiful details better,  but still looking for a plastic paint ( not spray) that I can use for it, any one out there can help me??

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