Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cutesy Family Caricatures

My husband made these oh so cute caricatures of our family (to use in our emails and make stickers) and I simply love it !! It puts a smile on my face every time I see it. It is so perfectly like us!
Yes, we are CUTE!!

The site is www.vistaprint.ca and once there you create your  design in the caricature section.

I am sure you will have fun! And it is for free!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Paper Beads Necklace

This is an easy and child-friendly craft that you can do with  all those paper scraps floating around ( I do not know about you, but they drive me crazy!)

All you need is:
- Paper scraps  cut in 2 in x 12 in stripes
- Glue
- Craft pipe cleaners
-Pen or pencil

Cute and they will love, like my little girl did! She felt so beautiful and important as she made it (mostly) herself!

Pretty self explanatory:
Roll..and glue
When the bead is ready...
Use the piper cleaner as a the beading wire ( I connected 2 by twisting them together)
 Pass the beads through
 So easy that my 4 year old mastered it in no time!
 Ready to embellish her already pretty neck!
And a very convenient ( and huge for me) advantage: IF it gets "broken",  you won't  see, hear (the pop pop sound on your floor) or need to pick and/or vacuum all those irritating little round fast running beads all over your house!!!! 

Beneath the Rowan Tree

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Birthday Girl

I thought I should end the "candy shop"series with my sweet birthday girl, in her unique and so "her" moments.....
Enjoying some ( many!!! too much!!!) sprinkles

 snots..sorry ...:0( 

Getting flowers from daddy

 Enjoying icing....

My little clown...

Games were fun....
Enjoying her birthday gift
 Mom's gift....a chic and "grown" up girl headband made by mommy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my love!!!

Lollypop Vases

Candy shop party:

At last,with the left over lollypops, vases not used for the topiaries and left  over easter grass, I made these little lollypops vases. 
Simple. self explanatory but still cute.

Loot Bag Fillers- Korker Hair Clip

As for the candy shop loot bags , OF COURSE I filled them with candy and other sweetness related goodies. One of them, for the girlies, were korker ribbon hair clips..how sweet!

Follow this tutotial and you won't stop making them!

CAKE tutorial...NOT! :0)

Ok, THIS is a joke, I hope  you do not mind:0)
Showing you all my  kitchen/baking talents...NONE! ...

...preparing  the birthday cake 4:00 am in the morning...this was my kitchen at the end...

 Well, at least it was yummy, I swear :0)

Felt Candy

This is the last tutorial for the candy party, I promise, you must be tired of me. uh?
The candy toss game was a hit, they loved it and although took a bit of work( just because of the cutting and hand sewing) it was worthy! 

Grab colourful felt, embroidery thread, lots of  beans  and a bucket from dollar store. You are ready!
I draw the candy on paper. Put on top of felt sheets and cut them.

 Using a blanket stitch , stitch two parts together leaving a small opening for the filling process ( with beans or lentils for example)
 Here they are the cute things all in the bucket waiting to be tossed!
Guaranteed fun!

Party Banners

Hi! Here again with one more  little tutorial.
These party banners are also pretty easy and not much required. Well, you will need a sewing machine, but not much sewing talent, because I have none whatsoever and made them! Can't be that hard, uh?
I cute circles for the door banner, sewed them together and put my daughter's name on them. Just one tip: use a strong thread, like upholstery ones.

For the other banners , I cut triangles with the cricut and sewed again. Strong thread, don't forget!

 Hang them for extra cuteness  in your party!

 And here she is, the birthday girl helping mommy!!

And after the party you can hang them somewhere else for a touch of colour....I hang mine in my craft room (show you later!)