Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Candy Shop Birthday Party -Part I- Decor

As I mentioned in my previous post, my little girl turned four and I decided to give her a Candy Shop Party. I had seen many yummy ones all over  the blog world and I knew it would be both cute and delicious! And of course lots of fun for the little ones.

What we did have:

- Lots of candy topiaries for decor
- A photo boot made out of cardboard box
-Sweet games - Felt candy toss, guess how many and put the gum into the gum ball. I must say here that a lot  of my inspiration came from this wonderful blog 
- Cupcake decoration
-A "real candy shop" where they could "buy" candies at the end of the party, filling small plastic bags. I must say they were very good and well behaved and no one tried to " buy" candies ahead of time.

Here are some shots:

I know I "H" missing...:0)

Sorry for the quality of the photos< somehow my camera was set for " low" quality...oh well, just my luck..but I do hope you all enjoyed as much as my daughter  and her friends did!!
More to come....I will post photos of the kiddos having fun and the tutorials for some of these yummy decor!!


  1. Andrea, how long did it take you to do all this?! This is just beautiful. I'm thinking Amanda would like something like this for her 4th birthday!

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