Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tutorial - Invitation

As I mentioned in previous posts, for the invitation and other party details   I totally got my inspiration from here.

What can be more appropriate as the invitation for a candy party than a big cute lollypop??

I cut using my ( blessed) cricut machine , two big paper circles. One bigger,  using patterned scrapbook paper. Another a bit smaller, using white paper.

 Using a cute cupcake stamp I stamped the white circles and gave the design some colour using copic markers.

Next step, I  attached the circle with the stamp on the front and on the back another one. Using a colour printer I printed the party details, punched out with my circle punch and attached it to the small white circle on the back of the card. With the cricut I cut a "4" and glued it under the cupcake stamp

Lollypop sticks come in handy when you are making, well, lollypops! 


I placed one between the patterned paper on the front and the white paper on the back. Used regular stick glue to keep them together

The text reads:
"Sofia is turning 4!
Let's celebrate at the candy shop
With a sweet party!
Candy, lollypop and  fun galore!

You won't want to miss a lick!"

To give a real lollypop feel to it , I used candy bags and embellished them with ribbon

Finally, I attached   a real organic lollypop to each invitation to give the little guest a foretaste what was to come.
I must say that handing out the invitations was the beginning  of the fun for Sofia and me to see their faces when they got their lollypops! (fake and real alike!)

How fun is that?