Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pirate Party Birthday Card

My daughter had a pirate theme birthday  party to go, and instead of hitting hallmark to buy a card I decided to do something that would go with the (cute) theme.

So why not a pirate map?

I used very simple and available material and gathered them in 3 minutes:

1. A sheet of white paper and another sheet of a thicker paper
2. A tea bag
3. A lighter
4. Piece of twine
5. Back marker
 1. First, scrunch your paper. The more you do the more "old map" look it will have. Stretch your paper back to normal again. Prepare your tea and after it is ready pour the the tea on the scrunched paper. Allow it  to dry. A tip: handle your paper very carefully as it  will tear really easy.  I learned this very early in the process....
2. Now use your lighter to burn the edges and give it the real old map look!!
At the end it will look like this:

 3. I then wrote something on the  top more or less like "a cute and special pirate is celebrating today...let's find who he is ( an arrow to the boys name on the bottom).
With the Cricut I cut a HAPPY BIRTHDAY phrase and the number "5". But if you do not have a cutting machine you can write it or use stickers, whatever , you can't go wrong!
Along the way  to the "treasure", I mean,  the  boy's name and the HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish, I wrote our names besides big "X"s

I knew the birthday boy's mom had made cute cupcake topper that were happy faces disguised as pirates. So I drew a similar one  besides the boy's cute is that?? 
 To fold it as a map, I put the thicker paper on the back,  as the map is very not forget it is a very old and ancient and important document!! :0)
Use your twine to wrap it ...
The party was the cutest thing ever, a bunch of little pirates with  their foam swords , bandanas and sashes!

Beneath the Rowan Tree

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