Monday, June 6, 2011

Oversized Hair Bow

My daughter has lots of beautiful curly hair and anything smaller than a watermelon looks small in her hair, kinda disappears, so I decided to make her an oversized hair bow using a simple technique I learned a while ago. I have made many bows for her using it and it is really simple. You can even stacks the bows on top of each other like I did  below:

So, for this oversized bow you need:

1.  1 1/2 " Grosgrain ribbon
2. Elastic Thread
3. Two alligator clips or any other clip
4. 3/8" Grosgrain ribbon
5. Hot glue gun or fabric glue 

 1. Start  by cutting your large ribbon: for an oversized bow, between 24 and 28 inches works well. For this one I used 24"
 2. Fold it in half 
 3. Mark the middle  very well as you will use it as a future reference

 4. Open the ribbon
 5. Bring the  first end of your ribbon to the middle, from below, as seen below. Note that you bring  middle part with middle part together. I hope it is not too confusing...
 6. Do the same thing with the other  end, but from above
 7. Mark the  centre with your finger

 8. Now bring each fold to this centre

 9. Grab the whole "almost" bow

 10. Place your alligator clips around the centre on each side
 11. Be sure  that you know where the centre is, for your bow to have symmetry in the end

12. Grab your elastic thread

13. Cut a piece and pass it under the bow, between the clips

 14. Do some loops around the centre, tightening it up each time, and finish it off with a knot

 15. After you have secured it with a know you can remove the alligator clips

16. It will look like this , not very pretty, but do not worry...
 17. Open the bow and it will be  perfect

18. Use your narrow ribbon to cover the thread in the middle and finish it off . Use a dab of hot glue or fabric glue to do this
You can attach a clip on the back  or attach this bow to a headband 
Here another one, but smaller

 And here she us, the reason I looooove to make hair bows!!!!!

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