Monday, March 21, 2011

Recycled headband

My daughter had this turtle neck cotton shirt that did not fit her anymore and it was not in good condition to give to the goodwill.
I noticed that the neck part had a good width and it was very elastic, and very comfortable. My sister loves to use cute headbands on my beautiful niece so I immediately thought of her! So I started working right away to transform the turtle neck part into a cuuute very cute headband.

All you need is:

-Hot glue gun or fabric glue
-Needle and thread
-Dollar store rhinestones
-Dollar store gerbera daisies

1. Get 2 or more gerbera daisies ( without the stems)> The more the fuller your flower will be

2. Remove the centre and the back

3. Glue the flowers together using your hot glue gun or fabric gule

4. Using a dab of hot glue use the rhinestones to make the centre of the flower

5. Glue the flower on the headband using hot glue or fabric glue

6. THERE it is, my beautiful niece has a new headband!


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