Monday, March 14, 2011

Fabric flower ring

My DD loves to use rings but I can't find many that fit her cute little fingers without slipping off it. I saw a video of a craft show on the youtube months ago ( sorry, can't seem to find it) and I thought, rightly so, that it was perfect ( cute) solution for her problem!!

How to:

Cut 4 or 5 small circles of different diameter using silk or organza or crepe or any fabric that you can singe the edges and obtain lovely curled ones.

Stitch them together at the center and hot glue or stitch a small bead or pearl.

Get one of this ponytail elastic bands that you probably have in your home by the tons.

Measure your little one finger circumference and cut the elastic.

with the hot glue gun put a dab of glue on the bottom of your flower and attach both ends of your elastic, to make the ring circle.

Cut a tiny piece of felt and hot glue over the two ends , in order not to hurt the little one finger.

At the end, smile as I did looking at your little princess enchanted and amazed to have a REAL ring that REALLY fits her finger!! She will play "lady", or " princess" for hours!!

And why not ...a matching hair clip simple!


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  1. Beautiful ring, and not just for a little girl!!! Great job.

    Thank you so much for linking it up with us! Do come again, we're opening up another party later today.

    Rose ::