Saturday, December 22, 2012

Creative Gift Wrapping

Some ideas, still in time to wrap gifts, girls!

 This is for Sofia, and I can not wait to see her face when she solve the letter puzzle "SOFIA" and finds out that the gift is for her! ( she loves this kinda games)
 This is for Sofia as well, as she loves to colour! I printed the pages and attached with tape to the wrapping paper.  This inspired me.

 Smells good...
 I had these cupcake liners and they sees so Christmasy  to me :)

inspiration from here
And you? do you also enjoy creative wrapping?

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My Wrapping Box

Being put to good use... very you remember it?

Making my life much easier this season!

From our family to yours!

This Christmas:
"We praise you, O God.  A baby has been born to us; he is your only Son, the Prince of Peace, the  King of kings, our Wonderful Counselor, our Lord and Savior. With food and gifts, we celebrate his birthday; he is the greatest gift of all. Thank you for sending your Son to save us. Thank you too for the gift of eternal life. We thank you, Lord Jesus, that we don't have to search the entire world to find you, as the wise men did. We can pray to you anywhere , anytime. As the shepherds and wise men did years ago, we also bow to worship you Lord, our  Savior,  Jesus Christ. Amen.
(excerpt  from " Looking forward to the Nativity" by John Farrar)

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!
Um Feliz Natal de minha família pra sua!!

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Home this Christmas

We love Christmas, for all its meaning and significance. Our Lord and Saviour was born showing us that God keeps His promises and, as He had promised after the original sin, He sent us a saviour. What a promise, what a gift! Despite its minor importance, almost an insignificant "detail" when compared to the real meaning of this celebration, we also love to decorate our home with the season's colours and symbols.
And I must say, our house is ready :)
So, here a little (maybe not so...) tour for you!

Living room:

Dinning Room

I love using things we already have at home all year long and incorporate them into any seasonal decor. 
This white piece is from the thrift store and I use at craft shows to showcase my hair clips.
This season it is showing some shinny beauties.

My card holder is a decorative fruit bowl that it is usually in my dinning room
These twigs were perfect for some ornaments

My Nativities corner, because  Christmas means Jesus!

Sofia's art!


Kiss anyone?

I love flowers in general, love Poinsettias, but at the same time I usually find them  very "granny" looking for some reason. Well, my hubby buys them every year, so,  I managed a way to "dress" them up. 

I usually have the tendency to overdecorate our dinning/living area, and forget other areas of our house.This year I tried not to forget my kitchen!