Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Home this Christmas

We love Christmas, for all its meaning and significance. Our Lord and Saviour was born showing us that God keeps His promises and, as He had promised after the original sin, He sent us a saviour. What a promise, what a gift! Despite its minor importance, almost an insignificant "detail" when compared to the real meaning of this celebration, we also love to decorate our home with the season's colours and symbols.
And I must say, our house is ready :)
So, here a little (maybe not so...) tour for you!

Living room:

Dinning Room

I love using things we already have at home all year long and incorporate them into any seasonal decor. 
This white piece is from the thrift store and I use at craft shows to showcase my hair clips.
This season it is showing some shinny beauties.

My card holder is a decorative fruit bowl that it is usually in my dinning room
These twigs were perfect for some ornaments

My Nativities corner, because  Christmas means Jesus!

Sofia's art!


Kiss anyone?

I love flowers in general, love Poinsettias, but at the same time I usually find them  very "granny" looking for some reason. Well, my hubby buys them every year, so,  I managed a way to "dress" them up. 

I usually have the tendency to overdecorate our dinning/living area, and forget other areas of our house.This year I tried not to forget my kitchen!


  1. Wow, you went all out! Your gifts are even wrapped and under the tree! I'm so ashamed, lol! We don't even have ONE gift wrapped yet! I do have a decent reason for that, though, since I made, either by baking, or knitting, most of my gifts this year, minus a couple of gift cads. Going out this morning and picking up my last two gifts, one being a stocking stuffer for Amanda, and then wrapping them this afternoon. At least we FINALLY got our tree up last evening, huff, lol!. Am posting that today. By the way, would SO love if you would shoot me an email, telling me how the craft shows are going, and possibly giving me some pointers for my own benefit, if needed in the future.

    1. Sue, O had everything done early this year, and I like it! lots of tiem to relax and craft!

      And I also have some handmade gifts ..not as many as you tough!
      will post later, as some are really cute!!