Monday, December 17, 2012

A very cheap wreath that doesn't look all:)

I love  wreaths! And more than that I love cheap ones!!Every year I try new ways to save money on them. Last year's is one of my fav !
This year I managed to have a natural one ( always wanted:) for few, very few bucks!

Bought this real one at Walmart for $ 4.50 dollars. I love it! I is so full and robust
The  twigs at Dollarama a dollar each ( 3)
I alerady had the pine cones. Attach them all to the wreath with florist wire, also from the dollar store

Easy Bow I love to make

Very festive, I think!

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  1. Just beautiful, really. I love the natural ones best!

    I came over from Make It Pretty Monday.


    1. Thanks, Jan! I am in love as well with the natural look and scent, oh, divine!

      THANKS for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment....very much appreciated!


  2. Very pretty! I love how the natural decorations look! You did a great job! Visiting from The Girl Creative.


  3. Love that wreath! You did good girl, really good!