Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cute Crayon Storage

A simple way to storage Sofia's crayons.
I found this crate at dollar store a,s stained it.
The cases also came from there and were spray painted and distressed slightly.
Colorful containers!

Very easy, very simple, very pretty.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thrifted Bookcase: Red and Blue Transformation

I needed a small unit to store DVD's in the playroom/sun room, but wanted something funky. 
Well, to buy "funky" is $$$$, and $$$$ doesn't exist in my vocabulary.
Trusting I was going to find on at my thrift store, I started looking and did not take long for me to find one!! 
 $5.99, sturdy, real wood, nice lines: bingo!
BUT , not funky...yet!

 Ahhh, funky now!!
I did not want to spend more $$ and keep this transformation really cheap, so I used the spray paint I already had at home ....and I have many:) Do you know how much I love you, spray paint???
So, I used these and boy, they are just what I wanted!
First I sprayed the inside with the blue one. Two coats.
Afterwards, I covered it to spray pain the outside with 2 coats.
Now, it needed some character, desperately, and stain brings character, lots!
I used gel stain. Secret, ladies: use sparingly, wipe fast and work small portions.
It looks "dirty", and old and very used and I love it!
Ready to be used an dabused. Last coat was a coat of poly to protect.

 I have had these metal boxes for years, and they fit like a  glove here!
Another thrifty endevor accomplished!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fridge Organization on the Cheap

I don't know about you ladies, but for me as a house wife one of the most irritating tasks is to clean the fridge. ARGH! I "H word" it!
Taking everything out, taking all the shelves out, etc etc etc ETC!!
I "H  WORD" it!!
 Finding these mats at my grocery store for 97 cents it was a light bulb moment for me!!
WHY NOT???!!
 I still have to clean my fridge thoroughly once on a while, but the trivial cleaning shelves from spills, etc, it is thousand times easier now! Just remove the mats, rinse, and mats back!

And it adds a punch of color too, so I am a happy me, a color loving girl!

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Thrifty and Colourful Permanent Calendar

 Hi! I am in a constant search for the perfect calendar, and after many years, I hadn't ( did I say that in the past tense?) found the right one for me  and my family, but the search is officially over!
All thanks to Ashley, from the blog With a Sparkle.
I saw THIS last week and immediately knew I had to make one! Such a genius idea and perfect inspiration.

All she used was an old frame and  free, yes, free, free, paint chips! How simple and thrifty and genius is this????!!?
After seeing her calendar, in my next errands a stop at the thrift store and Home Depot was a must, so I did. The frame cost me 5 bucks and I used Spray Paint that I already had.
Colourful paint chips...

I have had this dollar store  sticker for AGES to put in my car, and NEVER used. Decided to use it here, as the calendar is mostly for Sofia's activities. She loved it!
I love how  can change everything so easy, no fuss at all..oh , my, Sofia's ( busy) life seems more organized now, all of a sudden..I am a happy momma!
Thanks, Ashley, for the inspiration!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Coming soon........

Just realized...200 members coming ( hopefully ) soon!!

In the meanwhile, so very  thankful for my faithful 198!! THANK YOU!

Baby Boy Shower Keepsakes

For the keepsakes I made these little cookie mini buckets that double as fridge magnets.
 The mini buckets can be bought at the dollar store , 3 for a dollar!
I purchased these oh so cuute labels on Etsy  ("A Party Studio") and could be more pelased.

 I bought strong magnets at the dollar store and attached to the back with hot glue.
 My friend Ludmila made these so Brazilian treats ('"casadinhos" cookies) in the shape of babies, how sweet!)

Baby Boy shower

After posting bits and pieces of the preparation for this baby boy shower  (keepsakes,  toppers, diaper babies, cake) , here it is: the whole thing!
I must say we had a blast, me and my sweet Brazilian friends "lost" here in Canada! LOL

 Don't say baby!!
 Brooch with a prize! 
The winner!!

 Diapers with funny messages for mommy!

 Take on home and eat the "poop" :)


 More prizes!!


Blue punch! ( sprite, pina colada, vanila ice cream AND rubber duckies!)
 A Brazilian themed diaper wreath
 All of us suddenly got preggos to surprise the mom to be! balloon babies:)

 Mom to be and "preggo" friends
 I made mom to be a bow tie. She is very creative ...
 ...And used it as a hair cuuute!

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