Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baby Boy shower

After posting bits and pieces of the preparation for this baby boy shower  (keepsakes,  toppers, diaper babies, cake) , here it is: the whole thing!
I must say we had a blast, me and my sweet Brazilian friends "lost" here in Canada! LOL

 Don't say baby!!
 Brooch with a prize! 
The winner!!

 Diapers with funny messages for mommy!

 Take on home and eat the "poop" :)


 More prizes!!


Blue punch! ( sprite, pina colada, vanila ice cream AND rubber duckies!)
 A Brazilian themed diaper wreath
 All of us suddenly got preggos to surprise the mom to be! balloon babies:)

 Mom to be and "preggo" friends
 I made mom to be a bow tie. She is very creative ...
 ...And used it as a hair cuuute!

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  1. Gosh, there are a TON of you Brazilians "lost" in Canada! And, that food looks delic.! I have never had Brazilian food it spicy?