Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thrifty and Colourful Permanent Calendar

 Hi! I am in a constant search for the perfect calendar, and after many years, I hadn't ( did I say that in the past tense?) found the right one for me  and my family, but the search is officially over!
All thanks to Ashley, from the blog With a Sparkle.
I saw THIS last week and immediately knew I had to make one! Such a genius idea and perfect inspiration.

All she used was an old frame and  free, yes, free, free, paint chips! How simple and thrifty and genius is this????!!?
After seeing her calendar, in my next errands a stop at the thrift store and Home Depot was a must, so I did. The frame cost me 5 bucks and I used Spray Paint that I already had.
Colourful paint chips...

I have had this dollar store  sticker for AGES to put in my car, and NEVER used. Decided to use it here, as the calendar is mostly for Sofia's activities. She loved it!
I love how  can change everything so easy, no fuss at all..oh , my, Sofia's ( busy) life seems more organized now, all of a sudden..I am a happy momma!
Thanks, Ashley, for the inspiration!


  1. Replies
    1. Isnt, it , Sue, I love it!!! She is a genius, this girl!!

  2. Ah, Glad you tried it out it came out great!