Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thrifted Bookcase: Red and Blue Transformation

I needed a small unit to store DVD's in the playroom/sun room, but wanted something funky. 
Well, to buy "funky" is $$$$, and $$$$ doesn't exist in my vocabulary.
Trusting I was going to find on at my thrift store, I started looking and did not take long for me to find one!! 
 $5.99, sturdy, real wood, nice lines: bingo!
BUT , not funky...yet!

 Ahhh, funky now!!
I did not want to spend more $$ and keep this transformation really cheap, so I used the spray paint I already had at home ....and I have many:) Do you know how much I love you, spray paint???
So, I used these and boy, they are just what I wanted!
First I sprayed the inside with the blue one. Two coats.
Afterwards, I covered it to spray pain the outside with 2 coats.
Now, it needed some character, desperately, and stain brings character, lots!
I used gel stain. Secret, ladies: use sparingly, wipe fast and work small portions.
It looks "dirty", and old and very used and I love it!
Ready to be used an dabused. Last coat was a coat of poly to protect.

 I have had these metal boxes for years, and they fit like a  glove here!
Another thrifty endevor accomplished!

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  1. The red really gives it a POP! A lot of work, but in the end, so worth it!!

    1. ah, Sue, I love this piece! it turned out just the way I wanted:)