Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Special Thank You!

Today I want to say a special Thank You for someone very special  I "met" in this huge "blogsphere".
Since a very long time I have visited her wonderful blog  One Pretty Thing  and there was not a time that I did not like, or did not enjoy going there. I guess this is the feeling most of us crafters/bloggers have as she is truly a sweet girl .


When I started blogging  on march 2011,  one ( pretty) thing  amazed me immediately, and this is  how kind and gentle she is with someone who is just starting, like me, always with encouraging words and her  "wows". I must say this does not happen everywhere out there, mainly for bloggers like me, I mean eager beginners!
You out there that have blogs already know that, but One Pretty Thing is the #1 site in referrals to this small, humble, beginner blog, and  for this, also ( but mostly for her kindness),  I say thanks!! Who doesn't enjoy visitors?? I love them all!
So , again, thanks Rachel for being such a nice person. 
As simple as that. 

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  1. AWW! Thanks so much Andrea! This was so thoughtful and sweet. You've totally made my week!