Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Felt gumball machine

Here we go again, another tutorial for the candy shop party:

Last year I made a ballerina party for my daughter, and instead of putting the tail on the donkey we put the ballerina slipper on the ballerina fot.
This year I wondered what I could "customize" for the party when I came across this!!!
From the blog passion-for-parties

So, I knew I had found it AND that I was going to do it: and it is so easy!
You can find the instructions on the link above , but I will give show mine anyway:0)
It is really a 10 minute project.

First,  grab some felt in a variety of colours

Draw the pattern on paper- top, "glass container", bottom, opening- ( I did it free hand, so you can do it too!), put on top of the felt and cut it! simple , uh? YES!

The gumballs, well, no need for instructions I guess...:0)

I cut lots, and some I glued into the "machine" and some I  separated to give to the little ones at game time.

Using some festive napkin I gave the machine  a "candy shop" look. I also used a white board as base and glued the gumball to it.

And let the games begin!!

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  1. VERY good idea! This idea is easy on the teeth as well, lol!