Saturday, May 28, 2011

Paper Beads Necklace

This is an easy and child-friendly craft that you can do with  all those paper scraps floating around ( I do not know about you, but they drive me crazy!)

All you need is:
- Paper scraps  cut in 2 in x 12 in stripes
- Glue
- Craft pipe cleaners
-Pen or pencil

Cute and they will love, like my little girl did! She felt so beautiful and important as she made it (mostly) herself!

Pretty self explanatory:
Roll..and glue
When the bead is ready...
Use the piper cleaner as a the beading wire ( I connected 2 by twisting them together)
 Pass the beads through
 So easy that my 4 year old mastered it in no time!
 Ready to embellish her already pretty neck!
And a very convenient ( and huge for me) advantage: IF it gets "broken",  you won't  see, hear (the pop pop sound on your floor) or need to pick and/or vacuum all those irritating little round fast running beads all over your house!!!! 

Beneath the Rowan Tree


  1. My daughter will love this!
    I would love if you would share this at our Monday Playdate : ?

    Come & Play :: Playdate

  2. I do adore kids crafting. My little one loves it too. She made a bracelet like your necklace with paper in her summer camp.So nice to see your daughters happy face!