Thursday, May 26, 2011

Candy Wreath

Hi! Continuing with the series of tutorials ( here, here and here ) for the candy shop party, I present you the candy wreath!
 You will need:
- A small ( or whichever size you wish) wooden wreath ( sold at Michaels and other craft stores)
- Candy( I used heart candy ). It is easy to work with  because has a flat surface
- Hot glue gun/glue sticks

Again, as for  the candy ball topiaries, no big  mystery for this one.....

 At the end I attached an "S" ( my daughter's initial) cut out from card stock with the cricut

A festive and sweet greeting for her little guests!

(Again, SORRY for the pathetic  quality of my photos..for some reason my camera was set  in the low quality you can see..:0(

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  1. Apparently I should have started reading your posts from the bottom up!! Again, ANOTHER cute idea! You are knocking them out of the park! You rock!!!