Monday, October 14, 2013

An Old Case Revamped with Burlap


  A while ago, I bought his case, suitcase, cytlery box, I dunno exactly what it is, at my local most favourite thrift store in the whole wide world:). 
I did not have a clue what to do with it tough, lol.
But I had my eye on that hardware, simply loved it (italian!!). Maybe reuse it and throuw the "box"away

Well, it had been forgotten in my house for months, when a trip to Michael's gave me the idea , finally, what to do with it. 
Some of you who follow this blog know that I love to spray paint everything ! But somehow I did not want to spray pain this one.
When I saw this gorgeous burlap at Michael's I knew it!
 $ 6.99! Nice price for an unique decor piece uh?
 Cover it!! With spray (!!) adhesive, the job was done in no time.

 I spray painted (!!haha!!) the hardware and the box?case? cutlery box? suitcase?
 It  sits now in my living room, spreading its charm everywhere :)

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