Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Re-purposing Halloween Costume: From Viking to Pocahontas

Sofia had a home made  Viking  costume I made her for Halloween. She loved it so much that we kept it here for her dress up play.
This year, the beloved viking costume suffered a major surgery and it was transformed into a Pocahontas costume, just with a bit of tweaking here and there and very little $.


I cut it up in a diagonal, put a fringe I cut off form an old poncho I had , sewed it on the old costume,  this part was ready!

 Now to the Pocahontas necklace. I made a pattern by looking to a Disney photo of the lovely princess and used a nice silk I have for my shop.

 Glued some velcro and attached a real turquoise stone bead I had.
 The belt was also revamped from the old viking costume.

 The beautiful princess also has these tribal tattoos on her arm. I made them out of satin ribbon:)

 My princess Pocahontas! She even has her pet racoon!

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  1. And a beautiful Pocahontas she is! "Andrea, Costume Designer", "Andrea, Event Planner". my goodness, girl, you REALLY should start a side business doing this type of thing!!!