Monday, December 5, 2011

Toilet Paper Roll Nativity Scene

I am a girl in love...........with toilet paper rolls!! hahaaaahhha
I have a bag full of them at the moment, with tons of ideas of what I can do, and will post here slowly as they are so many :0)
Some are inspired by something I have seen out there,  and some are maybe originals (?), I do not know, but anyways, what a fun thing to work with, very kid friendly and cheap!
This is the perfect craft to do with your child! I made mine with Sofia. She helped me glue the fabric, she made the ( cute) figure faces and she played with them a lot! 

For this toilet paper roll  nativity I was inspired by this ( cuuuute!):
She used medicine bottles instead of paper rolls, but it is an inspiration anyways!

What I used:
Scrap Fabric/Burlap/White Felt/Scissors
 Toilet paper rolls (3)
 Jute yarn, craft glue and  tiny small wooden dowels ( dollar store). Also handy to have  a hot glue  gun and/or E-600 nearby
 One big jump ring
 Paper circles ( 3)
I also used 2 baskets I already had a home, a bigger one and a small one, but this is optional .

It is cute already isn't it??
 Can you visualize the  Holy Family already? Wait and see!
Measure the fabric to fit the roll, cut it to fit and use lots of craft glue ( or hot glue if you want) and glue the fabric to the rolls ( one for Mary and one for good old Joseph)
 By the way, this is Joseph :0)
 Ah, here,  little Sofia had  fun drawing the faces as well. Glue to the body.
 I then cut a rectangular piece of burlap for the head coverings
 Hard to explain this part, so hold the piece like this, glue (hot glue works best here) and finish with  a piece of the jute yarn

For baby Jesus I cut one of the rolls a bit, to make him baby size. I used white felt to cover the little body.
For the halo...a small wooden dowel  and a bit jump ring.
A tip: cut a small groove in the dowel to make it easy to glue ( here I used E 6000). Glue the stick inside the roll. Ready!
It is a bit flimsy still but did not break yet with all of Sofia's handling it to play, so I can say it works:0)

A tiny piece of burlap in the basket, I mean, the manger
I also covered the bottom of baby Jesus figure with a piece of felt, for a better finish
Away in a manger, how sweet. I love the happy face Sofia gave baby Jesus

I am still not sure which way looks better, with or without the manger ( as it is a bit high for a baby) 
What do you think?? help!

 You can go on and on and make the wise men  and shepherds as well, we are also making them, will post later!
Jesus, the the gift of Christmas!

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  1. How freaking awesome are these..?!! SO cute and adorable.. I'm going to try them with my children : )) THANKS for sharing.. Hope you can link these awesome character's to my Pin'Inspirational Thursday morrow.. :)) ~M

  2. Love it!! I posted a link to this on my blog:

    Jennifer @ The Craft Barn

  3. That is great! I'd sure love to try that out with my kids this year. What a great use for TP rolls! Would you please share this with my readers for Fun Stuff Fridays linky party?

  4. I love this idea! I have a breakable set and this one would be wonderful for my daughter to help make and play with!

    I'd love for you to link up and share: